Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The 27 Enneagram Instinctual Subtypes: A to Z blogging challenge 2013

My posts from 2011 are listed below. This year, as I've mentioned several times, I'll be matching them up with each other to see whether a relationship between them sizzles or fizzles. 

I've also added more introductory information to each type, further defining their personalities. But what's most exciting (besides seeing how they bond) is the addition of the genres and themes of movies and books in which you find the particular styles

A to Z posts 2011. Swing through these now, or wait until you start reading the 2013 posts. Each of the 2013 posts links back to the types featured in the posts.   

Ambassador: Style 2, Social Subtype

Benefactor, Community or One Happy Family: Style 9, Social Subtype

Collector: Style 9, Self-Preservation Subtype

Crusader: Style 1, Social Subtype

Drama Queen: Style 4, Intimate Subtype

Espionage, or Secret Agent: Style 5, Intimate Subtype

Forges New Trails, or Trailblazer: Style 1, Self-Preservation Subtype

Guardian, Social: Corresponds to Style 6, Social Subtype

Home (or Castle) Defender: Style 5, Self-Preservation Subtype

Individualist, Creative: Style 4, Self-Preservation Subtype

Joins (Seeks to Merge): Style 9, Intimate Subtype

King in his Realm: Style 8, Social Subtype

Lecturer (aka Professor): Style 5, Social Subtype

Movie Star: Style 3, Intimate Subtype

Nurturer: Style 2, Self-Preservation Subtype

Observer (or Critical Commentator): Style 4, Social Subtype

Politician: Style 3, Social Subtype

Queen (of Seduction): Style 2, Intimate Subtype

Responsibility (or Duty): Style 6, Self-Preservation Subtype

Survivalist: Style 8, Self-Preservation Subtype

Salesman: Style 7, Intimate Subtype

Takes Charge (like a Dictator): Style 8, Intimate Subtype

Utopian Visionary: Style 7, Social Subtype

Vivant, bon: Style 7, Self-Preservation Subtype

Warrior (Strength or Beauty): Style 6, Intimate Subtype (Counterphobic Six)

X .... for Xenophile, not an enneagram style or subtype ... I hope you're Xenophilic, rather than Xenophobic!

Yes (man or woman): Style 3, Self-Preservation Subtype

Zealot: Style 1, Intimate Subtype

Tomorrow, I'll be posting my Matches. WooHoo! Let the fun begin. 

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  1. This is all so interesting, Cathy! I'm seeing some of my characters from my novel in these descriptions. I'm also seeing myself! Right now, I seem like a mixture of the Collector, the Home or Castle Defender, the Individualist, and the Nurturer. I'm seeing that those are all "Self-Preservation Subtypes," which sounds like me. :)

    I can't wait for more info! This is fun!


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