Saturday, April 02, 2011


Benefactor, Community: One Happy Family

Corresponds to Enneagram Style 9 with a Social Subtype

Ten Things about You

1. You blend with the style and agenda of your friends and whatever social groups you belong to.

2. You’re not apt to take a leadership role, but if you do, you make a selfless contribution to the common good

3. Because you can understand all viewpoints, you are an excellent mediator

4. Your participation helps you feel included and loved.

5. Filling up your life with activities and social interaction is good, as long as you don’t get lost in it—as long as you are also self-aware and self-expressed.

6. More often, your involvement in groups serves as a way to prevent yourself from becoming aware of your true desires—of living life on your own terms, and being who you want to be

7. At your worst, you get swallowed up in group activities, and are preoccupied with fitting in

8. Even if you know a better way of doing something, you don’t speak up. You would rather go along to get along. "Don't rock the boat," is your motto.

9. But if you ever do get in touch with your true needs and desires, and if those desires involve leading or bettering the groups to which you belong, you are unstoppable. You have deep wells of unused, untapped energy within you--why not use them?

10. The world needs your invaluable contributions, especially your ability to promote cooperation and peace among diverse groups of people


  1. This seems to correspond with high Extraversion and a high Feeling preference in the MBTI.


  2. Interesting, I just learned something about this enneagram earlier today. Something must be in the air!


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