Monday, April 11, 2011


Individualist, Creative
Corresponds to Enneagram Style 4, Self-Preservation Subtype

A Dozen Things about You

1. You love taking reckless risks, which make you feel fully alive, authentic and extraordinary

2. To be ordinary feels like death to you. You must be “somebody” by finding meaning in what you do, and everything you do is an attempt to be anything but dull.

3. With your big feelings, your need for drama, you spin ordinary events into something astonishing—you want your life to look like the evening news

4. You believe, at the heart of it all, that you were born defective

5. You can be extremely aggressive in proving to the world that your “defectiveness” entitles you to getting what you deserve—which is an exceptional life

6. You are drawn to the bizarre, even death

7. You tend to be depressed, and you use your depression is a way of anticipating death. You feel that if you rehearse death through feeling dead, you’ll be able to handle it when it actually happens

8. If you’re “stuck” in a small town, a boring job or relationship, you feel you might as well be dead

9. On the high side, because you are totally comfortable with emotional intensity, when a crisis does hit, you’re able to respond in a way that someone with a different personality might not be able to—In a crisis, you have the wherewithal to be a true hero

10. Of all personality types, you feel the widest and deepest range of emotions. That means, when the situation calls for it, you can access depth that nobody dreamed was in you

11. If you are an artist, you can live with the barest survival necessities while you devote yourself to your art, and the harder you struggle, the greater your art

12. People of all personality types are creative in their own way, but yours is the classic artistic temperament, the starving artist who is locked in a life-and-death battle that is being fought mostly in your imagination.


  1. What a fantastic list! It's a huge resounding yes to #s 2 and 8 for me.

  2. Love this list! What a great use for the word I.

  3. I've got a little bit of this in me!

  4. I was trying to see if this type fit me when I got to 11 and realised it was totally a potentially coke-snorting artist character I'm brainstorming. Neat.
    - Sophia.

  5. Great information!! I remember reading a book on Enneagram personality types long ago; I'll have to find out what I am again. LOL Thank you for the fun posts; now following you back! :)

  6. I recognise some of it, like the emotional intensity, a thirst for adventure and a certain flair for drama and the bizarre, but I'm not fond of reckless risks, struggling, being a starving artist or death. =)

  7. Oh I love this A-Z theme! I'm going to read every. single. post.


    I think I might have some individualistic tendencies, although I'm not sure if I'm so fascinated by death.

  8. This is definitely a fun personality style to play with. Not sure it's so fun actually BEING that way.

    Thanks everyone for the great comments.

  9. *cough cough* I did the test. Seems I AM an individualist (4w3). Either that, or I'm 3w4. :-)

  10. That's great, Misha. My guess is that you're probably more of a 4w3. If you were a 4w5, that's where the fascination with death comes in.

    But you might also be a 3w4. I haven't run any of the 3's yet, but be sure to read Movie Star, Politician, and Yes-man (or woman), for enneagram style 3 and its subtypes!

  11. You certainly chose the right person's picture to post with individualist.

    I think we all have a little individualism as children, but the people we love keep trying to get us to conform. Good-bye individualism. :-(

    MM the Queen of English

  12. Hmmm. I just took the short test and came out a four with three and six tendencies. Can I get my little red corvette now?


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