Saturday, April 16, 2011


Corresponds to Enneagram Style 2, Self-Preservation Subtype

Nine Things about You

1. You excel in creating warm relationships.

2. You love to be recognized for your warmth, personal charm and social astuteness

3. At the bottom of it all, you believe there isn’t enough love (as defined by food, money, etc) to go around, and since you’ve done so much for others, you deserve to be first, and have the best. Others will understand. After all, they all owe you.

4. In most cases, you will be rewarded for your efforts. But if or when that doesn’t happen, “Hell hath no fury.”

5. Your theme is, “After all I’ve done for you.” (Do you hear the distinct hint of parental manipulation?)

6. You specialize in the currency of guilt. When love is viewed as an investment, and you’re not getting the return you expect, you will make sure that others feel guilty.

7. You need to remember that real love is free and unconditional. Love is not a form of social currency.

8. If you mental health leans toward neurosis, you have perfect recall of who owes you what in the social realm.

9. Of Enneagram Style 2s, you are the more childlike, fearful and ambivalent


  1. Interesting points about the nurturer. Not quite as altruistic as we might think.

    New follower by way of the A to Z. We're half-way there. :)

    BTW, my sister is a children's librarian too.

  2. You have a keen eye for the weaknesses of the different styles. Interesting and useful for fictional characters!


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