Thursday, April 14, 2011


Lecturer, aka Professor
Corresponds to Enneagram Style 5, Social Subtype

A Dozen things about You

1. You don’t care what people in general think about you, but you are intensely concerned about your position in the elite group with which you are affiliated

2. You can work within an organization, but you need a lot of autonomy, and though moderately social, you value research more than teaching

3. Your social needs are met by exchanging information in the form of teaching, sharing research, or publishing

4. Your group affiliation isn’t to provide support or pleasant companionship, but to establish identity. You want to know if your work and intelligence are respected more than whether people like you. To you, respect is at least as important as love

5. Others find you distant but not hostile, and if they engage you in your interests, rather than small talk, you will have much to share

6. You are hungry for knowledge and mastery of the sacred symbols and language of the group or society (totems).

7. At the same time, an over-emphasis on analysis can get in the way of participation and trap you in the role of observer or learned teacher.

8. Greedy for knowledge, time, energy, you cleave to the representation of things that a group shares, but are one step removed from ordinary involvement.

9. Your knowledge-based role buffers you from direct access, but you are attracted to groups that share special knowledge, such as a field of study or systems, or a shared intellectual pursuit.

10. You are greedy for and affiliate with people or groups who influence culture, events, and seek greater knowledge through the power of one’s mind

11. You align in the mental domain with leaders, movements and systems where knowledge is valued and shared, such as in a university

12. At your worst, you use your knowledge as a substitute for heartfelt human contact, which isolates you from others


  1. I have met people like this. I am not really comfortable with their needs and try to socialize them a bit more.

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  3. I was able to link this post for Cool Links and discover you have made a separate page for all the links. Thanks, Catherine, for making my job easier. And thanks for the awesome resource. :D


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