Friday, April 01, 2011


The Ambassador

Corresponds to Enneagram Style 2 with a Social Subtype

Twelve Things About You:

1. Your ability to empathize with and meet other people’s needs (especially those in position or power) makes you indispensable within an organization or cause.

2. You are ambitious for distinction, and you attain it by attaching to visible social accomplishments, and linking people and groups together. Your stature and image are gained thru your alliances with leaders.

3. Your role as a helper bolsters your feelings of being lovable and worthy. You give to get. In exchange for your loving support, you expect to be esteemed

4. You compensate for a lack of inner self-worth by social climbing

5. You tend to flatter others, believing they need it as much as you do

6. Everyone has an idealized self-image. The bigger yours is, the deeper your inner neediness for love and attention. Any image not rooted in reality inflates.

7. In order to raise your real self-esteem, you need to let go of your idealized image as a people-pleaser and tend to your own needs for a change

8. You never feel like you’ve received real satisfaction, and so you over-express manufactured emotional responses. I.e. you elicit the pumped up response that you feel people expect of you. (And they do—they love your cheerleader qualities)

9. You can have an awful lot of “should” in your life. Because you are so helpful and giving—and that’s because you’re so wonderful, you should help your sister with her kids. Because you are so wonderful, you won’t own your negative feelings, and that is a problem for you

10. Because if you won’t own your negative feelings, and you live your life through others, your self gets harder to find, and you often don’t know who you are.

11. If what you “should” do isn’t real, and if your feelings aren’t real, then who are you? What do you really want out of life?

12. You want recognition even more than affection.


  1. Thanks for this post, Catherine, the series should be really useful for making different characters.
    - Sophia.

  2. Very cool post. This will be a keeper series!

    A-Z Fellow Challenger
    Holly Ruggiero’sPOV

  3. I am glad I am not one of those or am I? Great idea for the challenge.

  4. Interesting! I'm looking forward to reading about the other types.

  5. Interesting post. Will you have a character type for every day of the challenge? That will be interesting!

  6. Hi--Yes, a character type for every day--and each summary is a mix of good qualities and bad, but no reason for anyone to take offense! None of us is perfect. LOL.


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