Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Queen of Seduction

Queen of Seduction, or Seductress:

Corresponds to Enneagram Style 2, Intimate Subtype

A Dozen Things about You

1. You love being needed, attuned to others and empathetic

2. You feel you can meet the needs of a special other better than anyone else, thus gaining their approval

3. You seduce by matching to the feeling tones in others and altering to your desired other’s emotional state

4. You seek attention and affection by giving what’s needed and being flattering to the other, thus putting yourself in a place of prominence in their eyes

5. You capture the other by taking on their interests, and making them feel good, to win them

6. At your worst, you paradoxically become possessive and demanding by complaining about your unfulfilled needs

7. You have unconscious hostility toward the person you’re trying to attract, because you’re not clear about the distinction between being sexually desirable and being loved

8. To get the love you need, you will invite more intimacy than is appropriate, and actually encourage men to take advantage of you sexually and even financially.

9. This behavior is rooted in fatherlessness, whether actual or perceived, resulting in you working hard to please men with sex. But sex isn’t necessarily love, and when you give sex to get love, but receive only sex and then abandonment, you get angry

10. And when you’re angry, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”


  1. I love these posts, very inspiring and I bet I will be back when I have a character that fits a profile. Will you make a list of all the different types at the end of the blogfest?

  2. Great way to explore different personalities and ourselves. I use them to create characters I might employ in a story. Thanks for sharing. Good luck with the challenge!


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