Friday, April 22, 2011



Corresponds to Enneagram Style 7, Intimate Subtype

Ten Things about You

1. In the sexual arena, you connect with a partner who fascinates you and sparks your energy; you idealize them while they bask in your charm, your ideas, your plans and possibilities

2. You love possibilities and beginnings and are lured by dreams without seeing the inevitable problems. It means that you wear rose-colored glasses and you also expect your partner to wear them

3. Any new, unusual, exotic, intense experience will energize you, and you expect your partner to be just as energized by it

4. But you’re often put off by having to go along with your partner’s idea of excitement. If they criticize you for this double standard, you drop your charm and flash your anger, if only briefly.

5. You idealize your partner by reframing, which allows the idealization to live longer than might be expected, and can lead you to stay in negative relationships longer than most people would expect of you, the escape artist

6. But when you can no longer reframe or idealize your partner, and they no longer fascinate you, you can rationalize your way out of a seemingly committed relationship

7. You focus on the future. You believe that’s where lose ends will come together and you’ll be happy.

8. Because fantasy is more powerful than fact, you can talk your partner into living a future dream while not facing wretched current conditions

9. Without depth life is boring; it’s like living the reader’s digest version of life

10. You are adept at using personal charm to lead people into a new purchase or a new relationship. You could be (or are) the quintessential BS'er, the quintessential Snake Oil Salesman


  1. Love these qualities of a salesman. THis is really good insight into character. Wonderful relatable ideas.


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