Thursday, March 28, 2013

Enneagram Subtype MATCHES: List post (A-Z Blogging Challenge 2013)

Enneagram Subtype MATCHING: 
This is how they'll be rolling out. 

A: Ambassador (Duchess Kate) Meets King (Prince William)

B: Benefactor (Gary Sinese) Meets Individualist Sevie Nicks (of Fleetwood Mac fame)

C: Collector (Kevin Costner) Meets Queen (Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane fame)

C: Crusader (Katharine Hepburn) Meets Take Charge (Humphrey Bogart), in The African Queen

D: Drama Queen (Nic Cage) Meets Zealot (Dr. Laura)

E: Espionage (Daniel Craig) Meets Sales(wo)man Catherine Zeta-Jones

F: Forges New Trails (Harrison Ford) Meets Benefactor (Sandra Bullock) 

G: Guardian (Bruce Springsteen) Meets Bon Vivant (Susan Sarandon)

H: Home or Castle Defender (Ralph Fiennes) Meets Drama Queen (Kate Winslet)

I: Individualist (Lady Gaga) Meets Survivalist (Russell Crowe)

J: Joins (Justin Kirk) Meets Warrior (Mary Louise Parker) or, Andy Botwin meets Nancy Botwin, in Weeds

K: King (Bill O'Reilly) Meets Yes (Wo)man (Diane Sawyer)

L: Lecturer (Dr. Gregory House) Meets Nurturer (Dolly Parton)

M: Movie Star (Marilyn Monroe Meets Lecturer (Albert Einstein)

N: Nurturer (Mia Farrow) Meets Collector (Clint Eastwood)

O: Observer, Critical (Bob Dylan) Meets BonVivant (Goldie Hawn)

P: Politician (John McCain) Meets Ambassador (Cindy McCain)

Q: Queen of Seduction (Kim Katrall) Meets Takes Charge (Dr. Phil)

R: Responsibility (Tom Selleck) Meets Forges New Trails (Laura Linney)

S: Salesman (Jude Law) Meets Movie Star (Demi Moore)

S: Survivalist (Russell Crowe) Meets Survivalist (Gloria Allred)

T: Takes Charge (Michael Douglas) Meets Espionage (Madeline Stowe)

U: Utopian Visionary (Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon) Meets Nurturer (Paula Abdul)

V: Vivant, bon (Bon Vivant) (Cher) Meets King (Sean Hannity)

W: Warrior (Julia Roberts) Meets Takes Charge (Sean Penn)

X: (No Instinctual Subtype for the letter X)

Y: Yes Man (Ben Affleck) Meets Responsibility (wife Jennifer Garner)

Z: Zealot (Ann Coulter) Meets Salesman (George Clooney)

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