Wednesday, April 13, 2011


King in his Realm
Corresponds to Enneagram Style 8, Social Subtype

Twelve Things about You

1. You overcome powerless and injustice by being part of a group, usually its leader

2. You are angry and aggressive, but those feelings are tempered by the group’s needs and your alignment to a common agenda; loyalty to friends who share your values and sense of justice takes precedence over personal feelings and needs

3. You test others to see if they can match your energy and be counted on for honest feedback, and if they can, you know you can trust them and they become your friends

4. You are true to the group and influence it according to your own sense of justice, giving your energy unhesitatingly

5. Your affiliations help you to overcome your loner tendency

6. You tend to see life in terms of black and white, and when mentally unhealthy, you see people in the simplest of terms: as friend or foe, good or bad

7. You tend to see life as a battle ground

8. You’re at home in any athletic contest, as you love being with your friends, and against your enemies

9. You think you are taking care of the underdog, but you are also projecting your own softness on others and taking care of that in them

10. You might’ve been the playground bully

11. When you’re healthy, you can admit when you’ve been wrong—which is the same thing as allowing ambiguity, nuance, complexity into your world.

12. When you get in touch with your softer side, you learn to identify with others


  1. King of the mountain? not me, but I do love reading these social subtypes.

  2. You know you should make a separate page of links to all these great enneagrams. It's a fantastic reference for writers. ;)

  3. Hi Catherine! Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm so glad to have discovered yours now. These enneagrams are fascinating, I've really enjoyed reading through the posts. Looking forward to more!

  4. Hi! Just stopping by from the A to Z Challenge!

  5. I don't think of myself as King, but I might've known a king or two back in the days of high school. Great K post!


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