Saturday, April 09, 2011

Home or Castle Defender

Home or Castle Defender
Corresponds to Enneagram Style 5, Self-Preservation Subtype

Twelve Things about You

1. You retreat from the world and feel safest at home, but if you cannot be at home, you also use your own mind as a sanctuary to keep others out, or guard their access

2. You need strong boundaries, and to have control over the boundaries.

3. You love privacy and hoard space and time more than money

4. You assure your survival by preserving your time and energy and needing little, but also by hoarding a storehouse of subsistence items, including knowledge and books

5. Intensely sensitive, you sense what others want from you and feel obligated to respond, thus your energy gets drained by other people’s expectations of you

6. You isolate yourself and are stingy with your time and energy because you are afraid of being overwhelmed by your emotions.

7. When you have control of your emotions, you feel secure, superior and safe.

8. You have strong feelings, but you never show them in public. Instead, you isolate yourself in order to let them emerge into awareness in private

9. It’s only when you’re alone, you believe, that you can trust your feelings not to get you into trouble

10. Of the three Enneagram Style 5 subtypes, you are the least expressive, and particularly when it comes to expressing anger

11. With your thin body, love of solitude and emotional distance, you can have a ghost-like quality, and you prefer to stay at home and haunt your own castle

12. At your worst, you are so withdrawn that you are a lonely hermit


  1. So far I am a little of all types you describe. I guess I am just strange :) Fun to read these posts, but hard to fit all people in categories, son't you think?

  2. Hi Catherine,

    this sounds similar to MBTI ISF-types.

    I liked the "haunt your own castle" image. :-)

  3. Very interesting.

  4. I'm happy hiding at home, but I'm too gregarious to remain there for long. Love people!

  5. My home is definitely my castle and my favorite place to be. As I come through the door I am whipping off my day clothes and into my lounging jammies for the rest of the night. I love it. But I like going out too. I just prefer my alone time for writing and catching up. Another great blog!

  6. These posts are very cool. I see myself in traits of several of these. I'm stopping by from the A to Z challenge and I look forward to reading more from you.


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