Tuesday, April 19, 2011



Corresponds to Enneagram Style 3, Social Subtype

A Dozen Things about You

1. You are driven to win social approval, to know the right people and to achieve power in social institutions, whether government, community or business.

2. Your leadership motives can be genuine, or simply a means of self-aggrandizement

3. In the need for recognition—you must receive public honors, titles, influential connections and appreciation for your achievements—you are highly energetic and fiercely competitive

4. Unless you are somebody in others’ eyes, you are nobody in your own

5. You know how to look good, to take on the correct thoughts and feelings for the group—whether or not you happen to believe what you’re thinking, saying and doing

6. In order to feel loved, you look to others to know how to behave and then become the person you feel they expect you to be

7. You have a hard time believing this, but the best way to gain love is to be yourself

8. You identify totally with your role; you become what you do, not who you are on the inside

9. You find your value by being valued in the eyes of others for what you own, what you do and the amount of power and prestige you have over others

10. You find social equality repugnant; you need to have status, and are totally conscious of where you are on the social ladder

11. Your role, your image, substitutes for self-knowledge
12. To gain love and approval, you were a model child


  1. Just saying hi - I've been visiting every day, but haven't had anything cogent or interesting to say. A-Z is draining my brain!

  2. Interesting posts---I think I have a little bit of all of them. I guess that is natural???

    Hope all is well!



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