Friday, April 29, 2011

Yes Man or Woman

"Yes" Man or Woman

Corresponds to Enneagram Style 3,
Self-Preservation Subtype

Ten Things about You:

1. You have enormous drive and energy and can accomplish your goals of financial security and “making it” by your society’s standards

2. Your ability to work hard, perform well, and maintain the right image assures your material success, generally far beyond what you really need

3. You feel reassured when moving up, “making it”

4. Others can be obstacles to this, causing you to feel impatient and angry

5. In early childhood, you were very impoverished, and so now you can never be wealthy enough or famous enough. But even though you look successful on the outside, you will forever be starving to death on the inside

6. To you, money serves as the proof of your lovability, but on the other hand, you fear that people love you only for the money, status and possessions you can give them, and not for who you are deep inside

7. The biggest danger is that you over-identify with your work role. Without your job and your possessions, without all the trappings of success, who are you? Deep inside, who are you, really?

8. At worst, you work yourself to death acquiring possessions and completing the things that you believe will bring security.

9. Like all Enneagram style 3s, you want to be rich and famous, but you don’t want others to know how important that is to you, and so you don’t brag as much as the others about your accomplishments

10. Unlike other Enneagram style 3s, who want to look like the perfect role model for whatever role you play, you don’t just “look good” at it, you actually are good at it

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