Thursday, April 21, 2011


Responsibility, or Family Loyalist:

Corresponds to Enneagram 6, Self-Preservation Subtype

Seven Things about You

1. You worry a lot, but you overcome your fears by connecting with people through your considerable personal warmth

2. You disarm others by acting kind and with thoughtfulness and deference, so that people won’t be angry with you or harm you

3. You get people to like you by pleasing, supporting, and aligning with them, and by creating a safety zone that is populated by allies

4. Experiencing a lack of warmth from others is perceived as a threat to you, which can make you risk-averse and determined to stay within well-known boundaries

5. At worst, you give away your power, paradoxically making you vulnerable to the very things you fear

6. You are modest, and if working for a boss, you’ll work hard to make sure the boss knows that you don’t want their job

7. Your home is a sanctuary to which you flee


  1. My home was once the sancturay to which I fled to and at the same time it was also the place I fled.


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