Monday, April 25, 2011

Utopian Visionary

Utopian Visionary
Corresponds to Enneagram Style 7, Social Subtype

Seven Things about You

1. You need your friends and your groups to express your social idealism and love of life, and yet, ironically, harnessing yourself to the greater good always involves an individual sacrifice of possibilities

2. For the sake of group ideals or worthy endeavors, and through promoting a better society, you postpone your need for gratification and accept life’s limitations

3. The hardest part of buying into the requirements of the group is dealing with authority; you don’t like being told what to do or to have any limitations put on you

4. You don’t like wasting time in routine tasks. When that’s necessary, you begin to feel like a martyr.

5. At your worst, you overbook with too many social interests and activities, making it difficult to commit to any of them

6. Your desire to achieve a rank in a community—job, family, club or team—provides discipline for you and helps you to be willing to do difficult or unpleasant things you wouldn’t normally do

7. In the business world, you are an entrepreneur with creative vision, but your efforts often fail because you cannot establish or maintain the discipline to make the company stable over time

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