27 Enneagram Subtypes: (who we are)

Brief introduction to the Enneagram.
Brief introduction to Enneagram Instinctual Subtypes.

A to Z of Instinctual Subtypes (Lists the Enneagram type and subtype, along with the A to Z name I've given each one.

The picture at left gives a traditional view of the enneagram styles. If you were to apply them to a business model, with each one contributing their style's particular strengths and skills, the diagram might look like this:

For a brief look at each style as filtered through the lens of Instinctual preoccupations, check out my A to Z posts:

Ambassador: Style 2, Social Subtype

Benefactor, Community or One Happy Family: Style 9, Social Subtype

Collector: Style 9, Self-Preservation Subtype

Crusader: Style 1, Social Subtype

Drama Queen: Style 4, Intimate Subtype

Espionage, or Secret Agent: Style 5, Intimate Subtype

Forges New Trails, or Trailblazer: Style 1, Self-Preservation Subtype

Guardian, Social: Corresponds to Style 6, Social Subtype

Home (or Castle) Defender: Style 5, Self-Preservation Subtype

Individualist, Creative: Style 4, Self-Preservation Subtype

Joins (Seeks to Merge): Style 9, Intimate Subtype

King in his Realm: Style 8, Social Subtype

Lecturer (aka Professor): Style 5, Social Subtype

Movie Star: Style 3, Intimate Subtype

Nurturer: Style 2, Self-Preservation Subtype

Observer (or Critical Commentator): Style 4, Social Subtype

Politician: Style 3, Social Subtype

Queen (of Seduction): Style 2, Intimate Subtype

Responsibility (or Duty): Style 6, Self-Preservation Subtype

Survivalist: Style 8, Self-Preservation Subtype

Salesman: Style 7, Intimate Subtype

Takes Charge (like a Dictator): Style 8, Intimate Subtype

Utopian Visionary: Style 7, Social Subtype

Vivant, bon: Style 7, Self-Preservation Subtype

Warrior (Strength or Beauty): Style 6, Intimate Subtype (Counterphobic Six)

X .... for Xenophile, not an enneagram style or subtype ... I hope you're Xenophilic, rather than Xenophobic!

Yes (man or woman): Style 3, Self-Preservation Subtype

Zealot: Style 1, Intimate Subtype
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