Friday, April 12, 2013

King meets Yes (wo)man or, Bill O'Reilly meets Diane Sawyer

Today's letter is K, and so we're looking at a pairing between the King personality with the Yes (wo)man personality

The King personality (Bill O’Reilly) is most often male, and often a real king or queen, a patriarch, a CEO or a military officer. They are frequently inspirational leaders who are capable of changing the world. Read more about the King-like personality.

The Yes (wo)man personality is also more often male than female, however female Yes Women exist, as typified in my example by Diane Sawyer. It’s the Horatio Alger, who picked himself up by the bootstraps and achieved success personality. 

It’s also the career woman, the soccer mom, the trophy wife; the Stepford wife. In books and movies, people of this personality type show others how to overcome obstacles with courage and persistence. (My Left Foot; The Pursuit of Happyness.) Book and movie themes also include career women who have parenthood foisted on them, and what they learn from it. Also, how to determine the correct balance between personal life and work. This is also the home of immigrants who are hoping to be successful in America. (Hester Street; Far and Away.) In stories featuring this personality type, this character can also be an imposter, as in pretend or mistaken identity stories. This type generally does not look inward to question how they’ve lived their lives unless forced to by a failure, illness, or other catastrophe. (Castaway.) Read more about the Yes Man (or Woman) personality.

So how might a pairing look between Diane Sawyer and Bill O’Reilly (assuming they shared enough common values)? Pairings between these two personality types hardly ever happen, or if they do, they almost always end. 

Why? Because both need to be the leader. The king personality needs to protect; the Yes Man personality needs to provide. Kings feel but deny their gentle feelings; Yes Men are out of touch with their feelings. They’re both high energy, active types, but neither truly understands how to feel, much less show, the full range of their feelings. Also, neither understands how to surrender to the other emotionally.

If either were to experience a failure, it could bond them. If it were her failure, even a scandalous one, he would be loyal to her. If it were his failure, she’d have his back, and he would be grateful for it. She needs to be loved for who she is, not for what she’s achieved. He needs to be loved even when weak.

Additional Information:
What are Instinctual Subtypes?  
Sources from which I collected and synthesized information about the matches 


  1. Hi Catherine,
    This is a very clever A to Z theme. I have never thought to look at character development quite like this before. Certain personalities really do click with each other while others would naturally clash. If it doesn't work in real life, it's definitely a red flag in fiction.
    I'm one of your new followers and looking forward to your next post.

  2. Okay, that post blows my mind - how interesting!!!!!

    I also notice we have some things in common: you used to be a children's librarian and I often work with them, as I have done summer reading performances at liraries for 12 years. This will be my last summer.

    Also, you're seeking rep for 2 YA manuscripts? I'm currently writing my first one. I'm a published playwright for youth plays, but always wanted to write a YA novel. GOOD LUCK TO YOU!!!

    Texas Playwright Chick

  3. Hmmm...very interesting. And when, I consider it, true. Probably explains my first failed marriage--we both wanted to be King. LOL!

    Take care!

  4. I think I have a hint of the Yes (Wo)man in me, but I don't always have to be the leader, when given the choice between leader and peacemaker, I'll choose peacmaker. But if I don't have to choose, I'll take charge :) Good thing my husband isn't a King type.

  5. Thanks for the interesting post. I find personality tests and looking at various personalities quite beneficial when writing my novels.

    Visiting from A to Z.

  6. A disaster for this pair in an arranged marriage, unless one changes!

  7. I'll echo what Deborah said above about a failed first marriage, though mine was a bit different in that I always was in the lead position whether I wanted to be or not--or nothing would happen. Now I'm with a King, and able to be still a strong woman. Much better.

    Off to read some more of your postings...

  8. This is a great post and it is very awesome of you to do a break down of personalities. From a writer standpoint you must find it easy to develop characters, knowing what you know about personalities. I am jealous. Thank you so much for stopping by and following my blog.


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