Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Zealot meets Salesperson or, Ann Coulter meets George Clooney

Today's letter is Z ... WooHoo! Made it through the challenge. We're looking at a match between Zealot Ann Coulter and Salesman George Clooney.

To start with, Ann and George would likely never be in a relationship, or even talk civilly together, as they are on opposite sides of the political spectrum. However, Zealots and Salesmen can find happiness if they share other deeply held beliefs and values. Zealots with Salesmen personalities are a common pairing in life, movies and books, as they create sparks off each other. 

Zealot types, who are often missionaries or evangelists; protesters, reformers, are convinced that what they believe about an issue is the only correct way to look at it. They feel they have the authority of tradition or scripture backing them. They’re courageous and determined to bring people around to their views. The fiery passion that simmers just below the surface in their personalities is often channeled into politics, religion or some other worthy cause.

If this type were in a movie, the purpose would be to get them to let their hair down, focus their passion in a different direction, by breaking rules and having fun. At their core, they are fiery, but they are also trying to control the fire, which could lead to unwanted consequences.

Katharine Hepburn films (The African Queen) often use this theme, as well as The Sound of Music; My Fair Lady, and the King and I. The Zealot gets in touch with their feelings and with their playful side, enjoying their sensuality instead of disapproving of it.  

But that won’t happen unless they come in contact with someone to help this happen. And who is the perfect person? Read more about the Zealot personality.

The Salesman personality—the charmer; the hippie; the adventurer, the Don Juan. As with all types, Salesman has its own inner demons. Non-commital risk-takers, they will skim over the top of life as long as possible, but they will eventually come face-to-face with something, or someone, they cannot seduce with their considerable charm. This person, thing or event will teach them some of the things they need to learn. Read more about the Salesman personality.
Having said this, you can imagine the sparks that would fly if Zealot Ann Coulter and Salesman George Clooney were face-to-face. 

Each one contains within their personality something that the other is lacking, and a friendship/partnership/marriage could lead to growth on both parts, assuming they could ever stop fighting with each other.

This is what the Zealot would bring to the table: discipline, organization, attention to detail, and excellence, which he would appreciate. Here’s what the Salesman would contribute: spontaneity, energy, and a love of fun and adventure. Both are idealistic and future-oriented planners. Whereas the Salesman likes to keep his options open, the Zealot will rein him in, keeping him focused on follow through.

The Salesman will make life seem more exciting and enjoyable to the Zealot. The Zealot will help the Salesman see deeper meaning of things. The Zealot will take care of the details of life; the Salesman will provide the spice.

The relationship between the Zealot and the Salesman could be great, as long as they share the same values, and are working toward attaining the same things in life. In this real-life example, it’s unlikely that they would ever be more than nodding, and bitter, acquaintances.

If trouble were to arise between the Zealot and the Salesman, the Zealot would become more critical, judgmental, and inflexible than ever, insisting that things need to be done the right way—their way. The Zealot will begin to see the Salesman as undisciplined and childish, and they’re sure the Salesman is being that way only to annoy them.

The Salesman will see the Zealot as petty and uptight. They’ll tire of all the criticism, and become very demanding. Disillusioned, the Zealot will withdraw emotionally from the Salesman, and the relationship will die. 


  1. Fascinating post; I'd not thought of this before and you've given me food for thought. Plus, nice use of Z!

  2. What a fun post!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog the other day! Nice to "meet" you :)

    Congrats on finishing the challenge! Whew! I think we all deserve a break :)


  3. The name Clooney caught my eye since George's father Nick hails from the Ohio River region and used to write columns for the Cincinnati Enquirer--the columnist and the fact that he is brother to Rosemary Clooney the singer always interested me more than the movie star part of the family! Anyway I was curious how you would describe the contrasting personalities between him and Ann Coulter. Very interesting! Thanks for all the info. And congratulations for a month of of great posts :-)

  4. I'm not sure i'd want to meet either of them... i go a bit unable to talk words of sense when someone with charisma enters my space!

    Congrats on getting to the end of the A-Z!
    Liz ~

  5. Ooh, what a great pair these two actors would also make!! I need to come back and study your posts. Good information here. Congrats on finishing the a-z. Time to rest!!!

  6. Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by on the last day of the A-Z challenge.

    That's interesting about George's dad, Kenda. My mother was always a big fan of Rosemary Clooney and I have to admit, I've always had a thing for George "Cutie" as I call him.

  7. You did it! Way to go on the A-Z challenge! All your posts have been fabulous, Cathy, and SO HELPFUL to writers!!! Congratulations on an April well done!


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