Monday, April 22, 2013

Survivalist dukes it out with Survivalist or, Russell Crowe meets Gloria Allred

Today's letter is S, and we're doing something we haven't done before: We're matching a personality type with itself. In this case, two Survivalists. 

Note: I really dislike this particular pairing (not Survivalist to Survivalist, but Russell Crowe to Gloria Allred), but there are so few women with the survivalist personality that I had to take what I could find. I wanted to match two people of the same personality type to show how the strengths of such a pairing are magnified, as are the weaknesses. This, of course, could've been done with any of the personality subtypes. Choosing the Survivalist subtype means you've got a match of two very powerful personalities.  

The Survivalist personality is more often male than female, but there are a few famous female Survivalist personalities.

The Survivalist is also the Lawman, the Body Guard, the Father Figure, the Cowboy, the “Strong Silent type.” If female, she’s the Mama Grizzly, the Mountain Mama, the Force of Nature. Disaster and Survival stories personalize Mother Nature as this personality type.
These are protector types whose courage, strength, energy, and perseverance inspire others in disastrous situations. Although strong, they have tender hearts, and in order to try to protect themselves from being too vulnerable, they will often hide or deny their feelings.  
Books or movies featuring the Survivalist will be about war or action-adventure; the Mafia; Chivalry; buddy movies and revenge stories. The Survivalist will not be defeated. Working for a noble cause enables him to connect with his feelings without becoming too self-conscious. This personality type is earthy, practical, and self-reliant. Stories featuring his personality type show him how to admit it when he needs help, and to get the help he needs. Read more about the Survivalist personality. 
How might a pairing between Russell Crowe and Gloria Allred be?

Obviously, their strengths would be magnified, as well as their weaknesses. In cases where opposites pair up, one’s strengths can complement the other’s weaknesses by helping to show the other how to assimilate the strong traits that he or she lacks, and to minimize the weaker ones. It ends up being a better idea overall.   

In this example, both are energetic, independent, and strong willed. They make things happen. But it would also be an extremely combustible pairing, with tests of wills and jockeying for control. If they’re not particularly healthy, psychologically speaking, true equality and sharing will be difficult between them. There will be constant conflict, as neither will back down or display weakness. Cynical by nature, they will test each other’s loyalty. Unless they can learn how to compromise with each other, they will wear each other down, verbally and possibly even physically. Neither is good at apologizing.

In order to feel wanted and needed by the other, they need to feel powerful. Yet, they’re easily hurt and will sulk over it. People whose personality fills up a room, each needs a lot of personal, physical space. They are often brutally honest. The one who feels rejected will demand revenge of some sort, setting up a destructive, retaliatory pattern of hurting each other, and, quite soon, spelling the relationship’s doom.  

Additional Information:
What are Instinctual Subtypes?  
Sources from which I collected and synthesized information about the matches 

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