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Ambassador meets King or, Duchess Kate meets Prince William

Today's letter is A, and I'm writing about the Ambassador personality (Kate) and how that personality type relates to the King (Prince William) personality . . . 

The Ambassador personality
, more often female than male, goes through life being an event host, an emissary of goodwill, an organizer, a stage mother, and a social climber. For them, life’s social occasions make it worthwhile. In movies and books, they are the power behind the scenes at social events such as weddings, funerals, baby showers and class reunions. In Kate’s case, of course, she’s more of the accessory to the star (Prince William) or a star herself, spreading goodwill and raising awareness about important social causes.Read more about the Ambassador personality.

On a more ordinary level, Ambassador types can also be owners of hair salons, where they make others more beautiful. Movies that highlight the Ambassador personality type include Sisterhood; 9-5; Fried Green Tomatoes.  

The King personality, more often male than female, is often a real king or queen (or other noble), a patriarch or matriarch, a CEO, or a high-ranking military officer, or the leader of a gang. They lead by example. supporting authority. Read more about King-like personalities.

So what might the relationship between Kate and William, or others of these types, look like?

This is a very common pairing. Both want to impact their environment. Both can be providers, protectors, caretakers and nurturers while denying their own needs. Both tend to work too hard and be the strong one in a relationship—the Ambassador as the power behind the throne. Both are passionate, vital, with great social skills and generosity. Both are strong willed and have no trouble taking on responsibility.   

The difference between them comes in their focus. Ambassadors are interested in the welfare of her spouse, family, and others. Kings are more interested in their own agendas. Kings appreciate the Ambassador’s adoration, and Ambassadors appreciate the King’s strength and frequently latent ability for self-sacrifice. Each runs different spheres of their lives as the symbolic Mommy and Daddy who present solidarity to the world and to their family.  

If the relationship were to go south, it would be because of their differing interpersonal styles. The Ambassador is more empathetic, whereas the King is direct, independent, proud, and unsentimental. The Ambassador tends to see a situation from others’ points of view, whereas the King sees it from his own. It’s not that he’s uncaring; he simply believes that people need to learn to take care of themselves or risk becoming victims of circumstance.  

Since it’s all about him, she’s not used to having her own needs met, much less being aware of her own needs. But if she were able to get in touch with them, and he were especially psychologically healthy, he could generously support her goals, and even help to make them happen. The trouble is, this seldom happens, which will cause her to disappear from the relationship—sometimes into the arms of another man. Determined to keep her own image intact, and especially if her pride is hurt, or if he openly rejects her, she will air their dirty laundry in public. He, on the other hand, feeling betrayed and manipulated, will refuse his soft emotions, and become increasingly confrontational.

Ambassadors become more self-sacrificial, and Kings become more hard-hearted as the relationship declines. Yet, the Ambassador will defend the King’s bad behavior—whether self-destructive or anti-social, at least for a while. Co-dependent, this couple might continue long after others would’ve broken up, as they’re unaware of the trap they’re in, or if they need the marriage for other purposes.

If worse comes to worst, it could end with stalking, paranoia, betrayal and revenge.

But this, of course, will never happen to Kate and Wills.

Additional Information:
What are Instinctual Subtypes?  
Sources from which I collected and synthesized information about the matches 


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog I thought I'd return the compliment. I'm new to the A-Z but just looking around at what other people have written is fascinating. They're all so different.

    As an aspiring writer I know that personality and character are fundamental. Interesting stuff.

  2. Catherine, what a great start to the A - Z Challenge. Any thoughts on the personality of a child of an Ambassador and a King?

    MM Pollard

  3. A throughly enjoyable read. They seem like such nice people, and she is a beauty. Great way to start the Challenge.
    Silvia @ Silvia Writes

  4. Sally--Yes, I absolutely love the uniqueness of everyone's blog and the things people write about. Thank you for stopping by!

    Queen of English--The child could be any personality type.

    Sylvia, I think they're both incredibly handsome/beautiful. So are their siblings!

  5. What a great resource for writers looking for interesting personality quirks for their characters and things that can go wrong in relationships. Of course I wish this beautiful couple happiness and success!!

  6. Hi, you could use this information to create characters in your fiction. Can't wait to see more of you A to Z posts.

    Mary Hill

  7. Hi Sharon, not working on queries today, but rather doing stints of babysitting, stints of moving farm machinery and, in between, attempting to learn everything I can about RWA contests. !

    Mary, yes, this is exactly why I put these posts together, so I'm not always writing the same characters, who are just like me, but instead, to explore people with different views of the world, which would be far more fascinating.

    Thank you both for stopping by.

  8. I find this very interesting, Cathy, especially the insight into how things might go between the Ambassador type and the King when things start to go wrong. You've got a great A-to Z challenge going here. Thanks for the info' you're sharing...

  9. Very fun.

    See you tomorrow.

    M :)

  10. I love this, Cathy! Long live William & Kate! :)

    This is super helpful to me. The father of one of my characters in my YA novel is certainly a King type, and while his son is destined to take over once his father dies, the son hates not having the choice to be his own man, and as a result, he is very rebellious. But as my story progresses, he takes on more of his father's roles and truly comes into his own (as a King personality type, himself). Thanks for this great, GREAT information! I can't wait to see tomorrow's post!

  11. This is a great concept for the a to z challenge. Very interesting reading!


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