Wednesday, April 04, 2018

IWSG: When my writing life is dismal, what do I do to keep on writing?

The optional question this month: When your writing life is a bit cloudy or filled with rain, what do you do to dig down and keep on writing?

For me, the only way to get OUT of a writing funk is to figure out a way to get back IN to my writing, and to write. 

Generally, the clouds and the rain rain are about those endless distractions, enormous and tiny, that keep me from writing. However, it's not always the tangible, external goings-on that cause the funk. 

Sometimes it's my inner judgments about the market, my age, my chances of ever having a book published, that stop me cold. It's my cynicism that needs to be dealt with. 

And there is the WIP itself. Sometimes the WIP isn't working and I feel too stupid to be a writer. 

Ultimately, however, it's sitting at my computer and writing that blows the storm clouds away. Writing can always be fixed. It may not feel good to sit down and work it out. It may feel hopeless, and make me sick to my stomach. It may feel like pins and needles are stabbing me, and I can't sit and work at it for long. 

Eventually, as I sink into the words and I examine the scenes, I discover that yes, everything really can be fixed. Unlike the real, external storms of life that can often only be managed or coped with, we are the Gods of our word creations. We are in control of what ends up on the page and the stories we tell.  

Writing is my escape, my refuge, from the thunderstorms of the external world ... those things that I want to be different, but have no power to change. 

If I can but get away from the storms long enough, I am often healed, at least for a while, by the sweet balm of writing

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  1. LOL! Sometimes you feel too stupid to be a writer. I'm glad you said that, because that's how I felt just a day or two ago. I can laugh at it now, but isn't that how it goes? We have our moments.

  2. I write about my life's experiences, if it's dull then my poems are dull. But when life is good......there's no stopping me.

    Enjoyed the read very much.

    1. Cool. If only life were good all the time. However, hard times do grow us, and allow us to be more empathetic in life and in our writing.

  3. I guess we'll always have our doubts about our work, but I think no matter how old we get, writing fills something deep in us. The words may not reach many readers but we are better for have written them. Like you say, they can be a sweet balm, especially if we don't take them too seriously and try to enjoy the journey...thanks for sharing your thoughts :-)

    1. Yes, I write because it has allowed me to ponder issues and grow as a person. It's helped me understand other people in a way I would not have, had I not been a writer.

      I do enjoy the journey, most of the time. If I have been guilty of anything (and of course, I've been guilty of much), but I've been guilty of not taking myself seriously enough in any aspect of my life. My "I'm nobody special," attitude has held me back in countless ways. It is what it is, as they say.


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