Friday, February 09, 2018

New Routines

I'm celebrating a new routine, which is enabling me to get far more done each day than I'd been able to for the past two years. I've moved my writing from the third floor (formerly my son's bedroom) to the basement and into my scrapbooking room.

The reason? From the time of his birth, our grandson and his mommy have been living with us. He's now two years old and can break through every barrier to get upstairs and pester grandma. He gets plenty of my attention, but he doesn't need all of it!

(In this picture, he's sitting in his grandpa's KitFox. Boy oh boy, does this little guy love airplanes.)

He doesn't yet know how to open doors. So my retreat to the basement to work is safe ... for now.

Have you started any new routines recently that are working especially well for you?


  1. He is so cute! Kids that age can be persistent and clever. I'm glad moving your writing space to the basement has been helping your productivity! My daughter is 14 months old right now, and she looks at barriers as a challenge, not a deterrent. I get most of my writing done after the kids go to bed at night.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Yes, I do believe they find barriers the most delightful challenge. ;)

    Glad you can write after the kiddos are in bed.

  3. It's good to get new routines into one's life and also good to get rid off "Bad Habits".



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