Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Top Writing Links for January 2018

I read so much good stuff on the internet, I decided to start sharing a monthly link round-up.

From Edie Melson's Write Conversation, an informative guest post by DiAnn Mills: EVALUATING WRITING GOALS AT THE START OF A NEW YEAR 
Recent Facebook Changes: Breaking it down for Writers & Authors.
A guest post by Cyle Young, The Battle against Facebook Baiting.

From Ann R. Allen, a guest post by agent Laurie McLean with Publishing Predictions for 2018.

From Writer Unboxed, New Year, New Scrivener. Now you can keep better track of daily word count. Snapshots are searchable. The Search tool will bring back results with the search term in context, rather than the title of the file. There are also changes to Compile.

From Joanna Penn:
Healthy Writer Tips: Improve your writing workspace.
Publishing, Online Business and Tech Trends for 2018.

From Jane Friedman: How to Rock a free day promotion for your ebook.

From Books & Such Literary Management, I didn't sign up for this, about the aspects of the writing career that most writers find especially challenging, i.e. marketing yourself and your books.


From Russell Moore, Should You Quit?

Using Seth Godin's book, The Dip: a little book that teaches you when to quit (and when to stick), he discusses that topic. I went ahead and bought Godin's short, 96-page book and read most of it during my grandson's wrestling match. When you're sitting on the bleachers for two hours, and grandson wrestles only once, there's a lot of free time!

By the way, grandson was AWESOME. After an unusually long, grueling battle, he pinned his opponent. And because I was reading Godin's book, I was shouting encouragement to him like never before. (Go Trent! You can do it. Give it 100% Trent. Go! Go! Go! Come on, Trent. 100%)

I found the ideas in Godin's book to be spot on, however not necessarily ideas I hadn't heard before. But you need a pep talk, read it.

Hope you enjoy the links. Did you read anything especially interesting this month?


  1. Cathy, thank you so much for these links :-) I checked out most of them, and find the one on Evaluating Writing Goals as well as Rachelle Gardner's piece, "I Didn't Sign Up for This" especially helpful in where I am in my writing goals at this time. Have bookmarked them for future inspiration as well. Also, thanks for your comments on my latest blog post. What a great 'conversation,' and much help. Thanks again!

  2. Kenda, I think you and I will have a full year of attempting to develop our platforms. It will be fun to see where we are at the end of 2018. It's about time we made some progress, both in publishing and in platforming.

    Congrats again about your piece for the anthology.


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