Tuesday, June 16, 2015

2015 ACFW Genesis Contest Finalist

I’m delighted to announce that I’m one of the top three finalists in the Historical Romance category in ACFW’s 2015 Genesis contest. This is ACFW’s biggest contest, comparable to RWA’s Golden Heart for the secular market.

“What does being a finalist mean?” my husband asked as we drove to Pullman for a celebration dinner.
“It means I need to attend ACFW’s national convention in Dallas, in September,” I said. “I’ll attend the awards gala, where they’ll announce the winners.”
“Does it mean you’ll be signing a $30,000 book contract?” he asked.
I chuckled under my breath. Hardly. From my observations, writing is a lot like what farmers like to say about farming: “We’ll just keep farming until the money’s all gone.” We do it for love.
What else does being a finalist mean? I’ll need to buy a semi-formal dress (no sequins for me) to wear to the awards banquet. I’ll get to listen to informative talks. I might get to meet some of the stellar authors whose books I’ve been reading. I also hope to make many new friends, as I know no one in ACFW except my CP, Cindy Regnier.
It also means that my name will now be on the radar of all agents and editors in the Christian fiction industry.
That is huge.
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