Monday, December 29, 2014

Writing Goals for 2015

By this time next week we will be in a new year, with many goals, including writing goals for 2015.
First off, Happy New Year!
I’m approaching goals a little differently this year. I’m using the SMART system. That means, each goal is SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ACHIEVABLE, RESULTS-ORIENTED AND TIME-BOUND.
There are countless web pages that define SMART goals. If you’re interested, here’s an excellent SMART goal description. I’ve always set goals for myself; it’s an annual tradition for most people, eh? And I’ve always been good at the SMAR.
But I tend to fall down on the TIME-BOUND aspect of it. So this year, I am building deadlines into my goals. It should make a difference. 
Here are my WRITING goals for 2015
Write one book
Draft another book
Read one novel each week
Enter all relevant contests with my completed manuscript and, as the new book gets written, begin entering it in relevant contests
Write one blog post each week
Find an agent by June. Barring that, send my manuscript directly to the publisher and line I am targeting 
That’s all. I think because the list is modest, it should also be achievable, and especially since I built time-bound aspect into it, although it’s not shown on this page. 
What goals, writing or otherwise, have you set for 2015?
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