Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Word Count Progress Meters

I've never gotten into these little meters (top right sidebar), however I am always intrigued when I see one on someone's blog. So today, after my writing stint, I decided to put one on my own blog. I have begun to actually write my book, creating full scenes where there had been only notes about each and every scene.

I don't know how many words' worth of notes I erased today, but I ended up with a net gain of 900 words. In four hours. Snail's pace, for sure. But I'm the type of writer who needs to examine every single emotional nuance, every step of the way in a scene, so there is no way this process could ever be speedy.

I completed only three scenes today. And still have a zillion to go. But according to my meter, I have "completed" 50,060 words of a slated 75,000 word manuscript.

It's not really only another 25,000 words to go. Or is it? Really? Huh.


  1. Sounds like good progress to me.

    M :)

  2. 900 words you are happy with sounds good to me. I've never used those meters, either. I think it would only worry me to look up and see how far there was to go. But, it's an interesting way to measure progress. Good luck with the next 25,000 words. :-)

  3. Sounds like a productive day :)


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