Manning Rye, the Covered Bridge at: This is the Palouse

Manning Rye Covered Bridge:

This is an old railroad bridge in the Green Hollow area, where it crosses the south fork of the Palouse River.

Ranchers who own acreage on the other side of the bridge from the road are currently using the bridge as their driveway.

The bridge is on the National Register of Historic Places in Washington, but is not maintained, and so it's beginning to look pretty shabby.

Our River Ranch slopes down to the Palouse River, and so I took the picture (below) from above the bridge, on our acreage, a couple of years ago.  


  1. The bridge reminds me of so many I've seen in old movies.
    Wagging Tales

  2. Hello, I'd love to photograph this old bridge. I live in Seattle and plan to be in the Palouse this summer. Is this private property? If so, is it possible to contact the owner to get permission? Thank you!


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