Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Don't Break the Chain

I bought a piece of software this morning from The Writer's Store. While browsing, I ran across an article about Jerry Seinfield's method for success. In a nutshell, he makes a big red X on every calendar day that he writes. Seeing those X's lining up strongly motivates him NOT to break the chain.

The Writer's Store has a free download of a 365-day calendar. You can begin on any day of the year. It sounds like a great idea. I intend to try it.

You might be wondering what software I bought. It was strictly an impulse purchase, and I am almost embarrassed to say that I didn't even read any reviews before purchasing it. Generally, I read reviews and then dream about something I want for a few days before buying it. I build my enthusiasm, my yearning for it, until I reach a point where I just gotta have it.

But this one looked like something I would want, absolutely, no matter what, and have great fun with, no matter what. It's called Character-Writer 3.1. What made it an instant purchase was that it helps you create characters based on the Enneagram, of which I have been a serious student for a decade or more.

When you combine basic styles, their wings and instinctual variants, you come up with 70 types. Additionally, the write-up mentions that the software includes how the characters will behave at various levels of mental health.

I used the enneagram as the basis for characterization in my current manuscript, including the use of mental-health levels. A wealth of information, including about the levels, is available at The Enneagram Institute for purchase. It helped me so much to know how each personality would behave in a particular scene, depending on their stress level.

As to the software, I am excited to see what professionals have done with these concepts. I'm sure it will be very fun to play with.

Do you have favorite writing software that is useful and fun to use?
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