This is the Palouse (A-Z 2012)

I participated in the A-Z Challenge in 2012. My theme was "This is the Palouse," the area where I live. Spanning Southeastern Washington and Northern Idaho, it is a beautiful and interesting place to visit or to live.

On many levels--historically, geologically, economically, culturally--I hardly scratched the surface. But I hope I did, at least, evoke some of its flavor, as seen by a resident with intimate knowledge of its #1 industry, which is large scale, dry land farming.

A: Appaloosa Did you know they originated with the Nez Perce Indians of the Palouse?
B: Barn: Dahmen Barn An old barn that was re-purposed splendidly
C: Crop Duster ... an Unlucky Day
D: Dusty! As in, "This Place is Dusty" It's so dusty on the Palouse that there is a town called Dusty, but I didn't write about it. Just the dust.
E: Elberton with John Ellwood and his Canjo
F: Falls, Palouse Falls
G: Garbs, aka Garbanzo Beans or Chickpeas, one of our crops
H: Harvest 
I: "I" or who I am on the Palouse and how I came to be here
J: Johnson Small town of Johnson's 4th of July Parade
K: Kamiak Butte
L: Lentils and the annual Lentil Festival, and Lentil Burgers
M: Manning Rye, the Covered Bridge at ...
N: Nanaimo Bars Oops! From Nanaimo, B.C. but made well at Swilly's, a local restaurant
O: Oakesdale and Joseph Barron's famous mill
P: Palouse River ... if you didn't catch the kayaker going over the falls for the letter "F", be sure to watch it here. It is scary amazing.
Q: Quilting ... is so big on the Palouse
R: Rhyme Time and local public libraries
S: Steptoe Butte
T: Tractors
U: University Cities: Moscow, Idaho and Pullman, Washington, home of the U of Idaho Vandals and the Washington State University Cougars
V: Van's Aircraft and Men on the Palouse who built one. Some Reasons why some people on the Palouse Like to Fly
W: Windmills and Wind Farms
X: X on a Landing Strip
Y: Yarrow (Native Plants of the Palouse)
Z: 'Zis is Zee End (Wrap up Post)

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