Weekly Update

I still haven't moved my blog! It's been a crazy busy week, and I haven't looked once at my new website. But I have decided against paying someone $300-400 to move the blogger blog. I'll do it myself. I'll probably lose page hits and, dear readers, if you wish to keep following me, you will need to link to my new site and subscribe from there. I'll give you the link when I've done the migration.

Why did I decide not to pay someone $300-400 to move it for me? Well, that's a lot of money! Especially when it's extra money that we don't have.  

What kept me from the internet this week? Several things. Among them, trips to garden centers, purchasing and planting. The weather's been gorgeous.

Also, my father-in-law is turning ninety. We're having a big shebang for him tomorrow, Saturday. I made a large memory board for him filled with pictures from his life.

My own father is turning 89. Their birthdays are only a week apart. My dad and my sister and her husband are driving across the state to attend the party. Since we're celebrating a 90th birthday, it seems we should also celebrating an 89th. We'll do that for dad tonight. What a time of celebrating it's been -- a week book-ended with Mother's Day and birthdays.

Lastly, we've spent more time than usual with our good friends, who are contemplating a big move. Normally we see them about once a week, or once every two weeks.

Lately we've been seeing them about twice a week. These are our closest, dearest friends, who we've known for 30 years. He retired a couple weeks ago. Now that there is no job keeping them here, they're thinking seriously about buying a house with an airplane hangar about twenty feet from the back door.

It's also a three-hour drive, or a 45 minute flight away. We'll probably see them a half-dozen times a year, or a dozen at absolute best.

It also looks like the biggest conflict they've faced in their marriage. Or if it were Mike and me, that would be the case. Maybe it doesn't look like a marriage conflict to her. But from my viewpoint, there is nothing in it for her, considering the beautiful life they've built here, their beautiful home, their church, their friends, and the general loveliness of living on the Palouse.

They'd be moving to a barren desert with no guarantees of building an equal or better life, but only possibilities. Maybe there will be a good church ... new friends ...

When Job lost everything, God did give him a second life, so to speak--new faces, a new family, replaced the old. But wouldn't he have been just as happy, or happier, to have kept the first life and family that he loved so much?

So will they do it? We'll know in a couple weeks. They've been contemplating the move for the past year. I suspect a decision will be made fairly soon.

That's been my week. How was yours?


  1. It's a week of celebrating birthdays--ours is a grandson some miles away. Hope your friends can make a decision that works for both...

  2. My you have been busy!
    I have been busy with year end activities
    at school. We have one more week then summer vacation here I

    M :)

  3. You need to come back and at least give your blogger-friends the link to your new site once you are ready; don't just get lost in the clouds--you know, at some point, you'll have to come back down to earth.
    Good luck with everything.


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