Sunday, April 27, 2014

Weekly Update

A to Z Challenge: Three more letters to go. My husband's probably had more fun reading my entries than anyone, and he's had only one criticism of what I've written.

He says our airplane does not climb at a rate of 1000 feet/minute, but on average, 1500 feet/min. It depends on several factors, one of them being the weight of the load it's carrying. If he's in it alone, it will climb at 2000 feet/minute.

Writing: I've not done any writing, and I won't for a couple more weeks. Been busy helping move farm machinery, as well as hosting a family Easter gathering last weekend. It meant several days' worth of housecleaning and other preps.

I've also been very involved in setting up a self-hosted WordPress website. I chose a premium theme--Chameleon, part of the Elegant Themes package. It's a minimalist theme that looks quiet and beautiful. When it's fully functional, it will be like switching from a Model T (blogger) to a ferrari (WordPress). If you ever look under the hood of a self-hosted, premium WordPress site, you'll see what I mean.

But I must say, I have been gnashing my teeth over setting it up. They say it's so easy. After all, something like 30,000 plugins have been developed for WordPress. But it's not been easy for me. Some plugins have caused my site to crash. Others work for awhile and then start malfunctioning. The theme itself is buggy and frustrating. I've given up on creating a gallery page.

Then there are the 1001 details to attend to, not to mention the upcoming, huge and scary task of migrating my Blogger site to WordPress.

I've always felt clever enough to get the job done, and I will stay with this until it's the way I want it. But there's been more than one afternoon recently--more like every afternoon--when I've walked away from the computer feeling frustrated and discouraged. By God's grace, I'll have it all figured out in another 2-3 weeks.

Reading: I'm reading and judging six books for ACFW's Carol Award. These books were all published by traditional inspirational publishers in 2013.

The only other reading I've been doing, and there's been a lot of it, is WordPress tutorials, tips and tricks. And they, I've found, aren't always reliable.

That sums up my week. How was your week, reading, writing, or otherwise?

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