Flying Adventure: A Couple Landings Before the Sun Goes Down

Hubby's been taking GoPro videos of some of his flights in the KitFox. The KitFox is a small, home built airplane that excels at slow flight and short takeoffs and landings, making it perfect for field landings. That's something that can't be done in our other airplane, the RV-7.

Comparing the two, the KitFox is like a jeep, with a snowmobile engine. The RV-7 is like a Ferrari, with a real airplane engine. The RV-7 is for real travel. The KitFox is for having fun. So here's the video.

He's doing touch-and-goes on our runway just out back of our house.


  1. Beautiful sunset, fun "ride"--could almost imagine being in the cockpit, too. You do live an adventuresome life!

    1. It's true that flying is a big part of our lives, so much that we are both a bit lost without it. We didn't own a plane during five of the six years it took Mike to build the RV-7, and having our feet on the ground at all times wasn't much fun at all. ;)


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