Thursday, November 14, 2013

Weekly Writing Update, Take Two: Fuzzy Math and a Thematic Cake

Confession: I discovered an inaccuracy when I re-read my last blog post, and feel the need to apologize or explain. I have already corrected it. I was not intending to mislead anyone, including myself, when I stated that I have 50 pages left to write. In fact, I have 100.

Although I misstated the total in my post, fortunately I had worked out the correct number in my plans. I had figured 100, but somehow reported 50 in my blog post.

I have also, finally, reconciled the limitation in my understanding of signposts and journeys. It was something I had been meaning to do for months, but never got around to it . . . which is why I ended up over-planning the story. Had I had a firmer grasp before now, it wouldn't have happened.

Being a visual person, I created a diagram, which shows the different thematic themes and sub-themes per domain (Main Character; Impact Character; Main/Impact; and Overall Story). I call it the Thematic Cake of my book, according to what needs to happen, thematically, within the sweeps between the Signposts and Journeys. I have also determined what chapters go into each sweep. And I have anchored each sweep according to which act it belongs to. So nice to finally have a visual for this.

Here's what the cute little cake looks like:

Didn't do any writing today. Went to Costco, then finished reading Night by Elie Wiesel, for my book club. Yesterday, with my brain needing a rest from my intense pace over the past week, I read Nathan Bransford's How to Write a Novel in 47 Steps. I wasn't planning to buy it, but there is such a danger for me in getting on Amazon and looking at tables of contents and first pages . . . Darn, but I have ended up buying a ton of books as a result of browsing this way.

Nathan's wit and humor in those sample first pages really hooked me. There are some good points in the book, especially for beginning writers. He doesn't go deep at all into novel writing theory, but if you want or need someone to stand over your shoulder and encourage you, he is quite inspiring in a laugh-out-loud way. It's a page-turner and a lightning fast read.

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