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Phew! I finished most of the tasks I'd set out to do over the three weeks between our California vacation and the Florida vacation. My newly remodeled bathroom is now complete with a wallpaper border that I hung yesterday. The master bedroom has new carpeting for the first time since we built our house 34 years ago, along with a new comforter, curtains and oodles of matching pillows in a theme called Maui. (Think sunset colors.)

Lived-in houses begin to have a story to tell after a while. After I painted the master bedroom Ecru (quite a nasty color, but blends well with the new color scheme overall), I had my son-in-law rip off the trim around the closets, the door, and the base, in prep for the new carpeting and new trim. That revealed the history of paint colors in that room: mint green (original); bright gold (second color) and now Ecru, which is beige with a distinct greenish undertone. Each color change got a new comforter and curtains over the years, but not new carpeting, until now.

In prep for a dual birthday party this afternoon (hubby and son's), I had hubby hang new curtain rods in three rooms so I could install the new curtains, and the family could see all the improvements.

I also created a slideshow of about 150 pictures and several short videos from our California vacation, to show the family at the party.

And I managed to find a beautiful collage photo frame at Pier One for under $100 (my goal) that I'll use to insert a dozen of our own pictures from Hawaii, to hang in our now-Hawaii-themed bedroom. It was a project I'd started last week, thinking I'd buy professional photos, but I didn't want to spend $600, which was what it would've cost. It's true that none of our pictures will be larger than 8x10, and only one at that, but I guess I can always just stand closer to look at them. : >)

Hubby and I also applied for a Passport for the first time ever. We'll be flying the RV-7 into Saskatchewan around the Fourth of July, and to do that, you need more than an enhanced driver's license; you need a passport.

As for writing this week, no writing on a manuscript, but I I did spend most of Friday writing A-Z blog challenge posts, and am making good progress on them. During the week, I also finished reading and judging the Golden Heart contest entries, 550 pages' worth, and so I did a lot of reading!

I'm feeling good about leaving for our Florida vacation which, it turns out, we depart one day sooner than either hubby or I remembered. Good thing the airlines sent us a reminder.

The third book of Lauren deStefano's Chemical Garden trilogy, Severed, was released a couple of weeks ago. I LOVED Whither, the first book, but wasn't nuts about Fever, the second, and so I didn't finish it. But I was reading some reviews that claimed Sever was the best book of the three, and so I bought it. I read to the first quarter last night, and except for reading about two big things that happened in Fever, it's as if the second book doesn't need to exist. We're back where we started (location, characters), and I don't feel lost in the least.

From NetGalley, I downloaded The Sweetest Dark by Shana Abe. I love her historical romances, and this appears to be her first offering for Young Adults. She's a wonderful writer.

I also got He's Gone by another favorite author, Deb Caletti. This appears to be her first adult offering, or perhaps it fits into the New Adult category ... we'll see.

I was also able to get Lindsey Schiebe's debut, Riptide, that I was planning to read for the 2013 YA Debut Author Challenge via NetGalley.

I'm ashamed to say how many other books I got from NetGalley, that I have yet to finish reading and reviewing, but I WILL read and review them all. Three of them, I just need to write up a review. (The Beginning by Karen Kingsbury was an e-short teaser to The Bridge, which authors are doing often now as a marketing tool):

Then there are these wonderful Inspirational titles to read and review, most of them YA:
And these wonderful historical titles that I'm excited to read:
Now that I'm finished remodeling/spring cleaning for at least a couple of months, I'll have more time to read in the evenings. I plan to read two books, write two reviews each week over the next eight weeks, until I'm square with NetGalley again. It's such a wonderful opportunity to be able to choose and read these books for the mere price of a review.

How was your week, reading, writing, or otherwise?

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  1. Wow, you've been busy! I have loads of home improvement projects I want to work on but seem to keep putting them off. We have unusually (even for California) weather lately and it has made me lazy!


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