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What is the Sunday Salon? It’s a virtual meeting of people who like to read and enjoy blogging about what they are reading. It’s also a place to update your friends about other things going on in your life.

I didn't do a ton of reading this week, but I did some. I finished The Aviator's Wife by Melanie Benjamin. It's an extensively researched fictionalized story of the marriage of Charles Lindbergh and Anne Morrow Lindbergh. The book is being released on January 15, 2013. I'll post a review on Tuesday.

I also finished reading UltraMetabolism by Dr. Mark Hyman, which I wrote about here, and also here.

That's all the reading I did this week. We also went to see Tom Cruise's new movie, Jack Reacher, which was very entertaining. The camera angles were different from those I've scene before; the dialogue was crackling sharp; the story was satisfyingly complex, and mysterious Jack Reacher was a surprisingly likable anti-hero.

Hubby and I have begun to line up our spring and summer travels.

  • In less than two weeks, we will be vacationing in Southern California with our son and his family. 
  • In March, we'll be taking a trip to Orlando and environs. 
  • In May, we'll visit Whitefish, Montana again (love that little town) for a weekend get-together with some friends. 
  • Also in May, we hope to fly the RV-7 to see the Canyon Lands in Utah. 
  • In July, we'll be in Sturgis, Saskatchewan, around the 4th of July. 
  • Between times, we hope to make smaller, day trips to local points of interest.

On the writing front: The week was spent narrowing the list of 200+ agent possibilities. Lest you think that is all the agents in the world, more than 1000 are listed in QueryTracker.

My list on QueryTracker has now been narrowed to 53 real possibilities. Of the 53, they may all be matches, but not all are excellent ones. I'm doing further research on them, honing in on what will be my top 5-10 "dream agents." It'll take a couple more days to finish the project. When I get back from Disneyland, I'll begin the querying process.

If you are a writer looking for an agent and are not familiar with QueryTracker, check it out. It's an amazing database and fabulous tracking tool. Premium membership costs only $25 per year. There is also a free version, but you get access to nowhere near as much useful information.

I would also recommend a subscription to Publishers Marketplace. It's more expensive ($25/month), but you could subscribe for a couple of months, get the info you need, and then get off. It's also a source of valuable information you won't find elsewhere.

Frankly, I don't know how anyone can find an agent without these two tools.

How was your week, reading, writing or otherwise?

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