TSS: The Sunday Salon and The UltraSimple Diet

News on the diet front: Hubbie and are three days into the UltraSimple diet and I must say, THE CONTEXT IS DECISIVE, meaning, it’s no biggie to me this time. Last time I tried it, I was on a week-long vacation, and (resentfully) spent half of it just figuring out the diet, amassing the required supplements, pre-preparing food (broth), and trying to figure out how I could fit it all into my schedule once I went back to work. (Which didn't happen, as I bailed on the diet after three days.)

In addition to the diet plan, if you want to go all out and pretend you’re at an expensive Detox and Weight Loss spa, the regimen includes 30 minutes for Yoga, 30 minutes for journaling, 30 minutes for aerobic exercise, and 30 minutes for a spa-like bath or sauna each day. Last time, I could hardly keep up with the meal plan, and certainly not, once I went back to work. This time, it’s a non-issue. 

I finally got around to using the baking soda, Epsom salts and lavender essential oil, that I'd purchased over a year ago, to turn into an UltraBath. (Here's the recipe: 2 c Epsom Salts, 1 c baking soda and 10 drops Lavender essential oil.) I do like this, and will stop buying cheap bubble bath from Bed, Bath and Beyond and use this recipe instead. You can substitute other essential oils, which I plan to do, as I own a bunch already. The combination of salt and soda is supposed to draw toxins out of your body, as well as to relax you.

Also, and this cannot be overstressed, it helps that my husband doing the regimen with me this time. He’s not doing the extras, but he IS forcing down the food, most of it, without too much complaining. He's not crazy about the juice of 1/2 lemon mixed with 2 Tbsp of olive oil, first thing in the morning, to cleanse one's liver. Or the green tea.

But neither of us is feeling any hunger whatsoever. I don’t mind the vegetable broth this time (4 c/day), which is used to help make the body more alkaline. It could be because I bought a Cuisinart and am able to slice the veggies more finely, which might cause more flavor to be released into the water to make broth. Or maybe it’s because I’m using Shitake mushrooms this time (in addition to everything else it calls for), but was too cheap to buy, last time. Who knows? It tastes great. Maybe I just chose a better combination of veggies overall.

We’re eating ½ cup brown rice and 2 cups of steamed or sauteed veggies for lunch, and the same for dinner, plus chicken, fish, beans or tofu. We find it's too much to eat! (Well, all those veggies are.)

For breakfast, we have a choice of three different shakes. Two are made from blueberries, almond butter, bananas, ground flax seeds, soy milk, and some borage oil. The third is from a rice protein powder labeled Medical Food that physicians prescribe to their chronic fatigue syndrome patients. It’s very spendy, and I had to order it, but we’ll try it out in the morning.

Next Friday, we’ll be adding beef, quinoa, avocados and all fruits back into our diet. 

Three days later, we’ll start adding foods that commonly cause allergies, one at a time, eating them 2-3 times/day for three days each. (Or less, if we discover a sensitivity to something.) The process will take a month in all, at which time we’ll be detoxified as well as knowing what, if any, food sensitivities we have. 

I’m also hoping to lose some weight through all this, as I could stand to lose 30 pounds. Dr. Hyman’s belief is that we are toxic and inflamed by the crap we call food, and if we detoxify ourselves, we’ll lose the inflammation and will be able to lose weight more easily. I must confess, I didn't think I had such a terrible diet, but when hubbie and I went to Costco to shop for these foods, I was struck by all of those foods we used to buy, that weren't in our cart this time. I don't expect to lose 30 pounds in a month, but if I can lose even 4-8 pounds, I will be happy. Last time I lost 25 pounds, it took me six months.

I’ll keep you updated.

Reading: The only book I read this week, and am only 50% done with it, is UltraMetabolism by Dr. Mark Hyman. It’s similar to the UltraSimple Diet in some ways, but each book has plenty of information that the other doesn’t cover.

Writing: My writing time was spent in narrowing down my agent search. It’s quite time consuming, but once I draw up a list of true possibilities, meaning that they represent books similar to what I write, and that they have connections with editors who buy similar type stories, I’ll be able to start querying them. Hopefully, I will begin the actual querying process within a week. 

Other: We visited some relatives the full day on Thursday, and then on Friday and Saturday, my daughter spent some time here with her kids. Other than that, it was an unusually quiet week for me, but very busy with diet preps!

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