Blogging From A to Z April Challenge: Signups Begin Today

Signups for the 2013 A to Z blogging challenge begin today! You have until April 1 to sign up, but if you're thinking about participating, I would suggest you sign up sooner rather than later. I was already #343, and signups began only a few hours ago.

Last year, if I remember correctly, over 2000 bloggers signed up for the challenge of blogging every day in April, visiting as many new blogs as possible, and making new friends and followers.

This year, I suspect the signups will increase exponentially. This year, too, there is the option of filtering your blog hopping by visiting your choice(s) from 22 blog categories. You are not, however, required to specify your blog type or to limit your blog hopping to only a few categories.

I've participated for the past two years, and found it very interesting to visit so many blogs. Over the month of April, I at least peeked at every blog that signed up. You really get a feel for the different type of blogs, and bloggers, in the blogosphere. Plus it's a fun challenge to come up with a theme and write 26 posts that correspond to the theme utilizing all the letters of the alphabet. That part can be done well in advance, which I would strongly suggest. Write your posts in February and March, queue them up, and then in April, spend your time socializing in the blogosphere.

This year, I'll be extending the Enneagram Subtypes theme I did in 2011. That year, I educated readers about the 27 personality types you see in society. For anyone interested in understanding what makes people tick, consider reading my 2011 posts, and stay tuned for . . . 

This year, I'll be matching them up, as in "The Drama Queen meets Espionage (Winona Rider meets Daniel Craig)." I'll use well known figures for the types and shed light on how they would relate to each other. I'll also give information on the type of stories or situations in which we are apt to find them. 

In all, there are 729 personality matches, and so I'll barely be scratching the surface with the 27 that I present in April. 

If you're wondering how I know this information, I've been a student of the Enneagram for 20 years, and have read almost every book on the subject (dozens), as well as listened to many CDs and watched many DVDs on it. I'm not a certified Enneagram counselor or trainer, but I am knowledgeable.  

If you think it sounds like fun, I hope you'll visit me in April. 

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