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Happy New Year (almost)!

Last time I posted, I wasn’t sure I’d be up to doing a Sunday Salon today, but I have come through another week, and am able to do it. I can't say I breezed through the week, but I did get through it.

The Christmas holiday was wonderful for us, however on Christmas eve, our power went out for an hour at the same time as I was preparing dinner. My daughter took her kids outside sledding, and I (plus my husband and son-in-law) did what we could regarding food prep. By the time daughter and kids came back in (we have fabulous sledding hills where we live), the power had come back on, and we were able to push food prep back into high gear. The rest of our company showed up, and dinner was delayed by only an hour. (It didn't matter hugely when we ate, but my mother-in-law wanted to attend a 6:00 pm Christmas Eve concert at her church, and we wanted to finish eating in time for her to attend.)

Among other things, I prepared a version of Chicken Cordon Bleu, which was terribly time consuming. It was tasty, also very unhealthy—chicken breasts stuffed with a mixture of cream cheese, bleu cheese, crisp bacon, and fresh basil. Add the cabbage strudel made from Phyllo dough and also filled with cream cheese, Swiss cheese, cheddar cheese and cabbage, besides the broccoli-bacon salad, and it was a fat-filled meal.  

Reading this week: I (re)read The UltraSimple Diet by Mark Hyman. My husband and I plan to go on it, however it's anything but simple, IMO. Apparently, most of our health problems are caused by inflammation. This is a detoxifying diet, geared toward tipping us from away being acidic (as our American diet does to us) toward being more neutral, if not slightly alkaline. I tried it a year ago on my one-week summer vacation from work, and fell flat on my face. After spending a hellish amount of time and effort preparing for it, I tolerated the bland, bland bland diet for only three days before I threw in the towel. The vegetable broth three times a day really did me in, not to mention the morning cocktail of 2 TBSP olive oil mixed with the juice of half a fresh lemon. Oh, and the green tea.

The diet is composed of foods that no one is ever allergic to. After the first week, you begin adding allergy-producing culprits back into your diet, one at a time, to see how you react. You also go without caffeine, alcohol, gluten, dairy products and sugar in all forms. Giving up sugar won't be a problem for me; I hardly ever eat sweets, and don't like sugar much. I won't like giving up beer with dinner.

But my husband is interested in trying it, due to some arthritis-like aches and pains, caused by inflammation. We have made a pact with each other. He said last night that we might want to go on the diet one week of every month. I laughed out loud. Little does he know.

Writing this week: After slavish work on it, and I mean, for the past two months, I have been putting full time work into it, I completed my entry for Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart contest for unpublished writers. I sent in a three-page synopsis, the first 52 pages of the book, and the full manuscript, which weighed in at 65,500 words.

Other news: Last night my husband had a long conversation with one of our flying farmer friends who bought a home in Arizona last year, and is now spending six months each year there, and six months here at home. He invited us to come stay with him and his wife for a week; we can’t do it this year due to other travel commitments--Disneyland with our son’s family late January-early February, and then Orlando in March. But next year for sure. Hubby is so excited, he’s looking into us renting a house down there for up to three months. We could use that as a base from which to explore the southwest in our Vans RV-7 airplane, which he built.

We’re celebrating another Christmas with the other half of our extended family this afternoon, and then we’ll go see Les Miserables with some friends this evening. I’ve heard it is a wonderful movie. 

How was your week? If you comment, you'll notice I've added the Captcha. I've been getting a half-dozen spam comments each day for months now, and am tired of it. Blogger catches most of them, but they still show up in my mail. Also, last year when I posted on Christmas, I was spammed by 75 Muslim websites. I did not want that to happen again this year. What a shock that was to me. 


  1. I wish you well with this diet. I wouldn't do very well on it at all. Good Luck!

    You'll enjoy Arizona.

    Happy New Year!

    M :)

  2. Your menu sounds delicious :-) Our family favorites are Spaghetti Loaf with Pizza Sauce and blueberry cheesecake. They aren't diet friendly either! Happy New Year!

  3. Happy New Year! I've kicked my diet and fitness programs into high gear but that diet sounds really, really hard. I know my arthritis could benefit from an anti-inflammatory diet but I just don't have the fortitude to do do a diet like that. Good luck and let us know how you and your hubby do on it. If you survive MAYBE I will try it! ;)


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