The Sunday Salon

I am as shocked and heartbroken as everyone, after hearing about the terrible tragedy on Friday in Connecticut. My son-in-law hails from a town about 20 minutes away from where the massacre took place. I've driven through those quaint, beautiful, historic Connecticut towns. It's horrifying to think that something of that magnitude could happen anywhere, but that it happened there, and in an elementary school, is beyond belief. My prayers go out to everyone involved. 

As to the Sunday Salon ...

It was another light reading week for me, and it was also light on writing progress.

I ended up taking two afternoons off to finalize some details for our bathroom remodel, which will begin in three weeks. We’ve bought the flooring and the new toilet, which are sitting in our basement. I’ve ordered Shaker style, cinnamon colored cabinets. My son-in-law has ordered the oval sink, the oil-rubbed bronze faucets and the tub, an oval, 43” wide, 72” long acrylic tub. The tub’s platform and surround, as well as the cabinet's countertop and surround, will be a solid surface, Corian-type material in a neutral color that blends well with beige and rose. (I bolded the number of decisions I had to make--there were so many choices, so many decisions!)

We’ll be removing the Chintz wallpaper and texturizing the walls for the first time, in order to paint them. I plan to paint the walls a rose/mauve color to create a complimentary color scheme, though dulled to the point of being neutral. Brighter splashes of color will come in a revolving assortment of towels and rugs, as well as some pictures. I plan to put candles around the corners of the tub, and also to add some greenery in the form of live plants. I have yet to order the hardware (drawer pulls) for the cabinets. (More decisions! ~~~ Although I LOVE remodeling and redecorating.)

My son-in-law said that light wood cabinets are currently out of vogue, and dark wood is in again. When we built the house, dark wood was in, but I actually prefer the light-reflective qualities of light colors, as opposed to the light-sucking qualities of dark. Light isn’t as rich looking, but its expansive quality feels right in this little farmhouse surrounded by open spaces, rolling hills, endless sky, and infinite stars.

Socially this week, I attended an art exhibit where one of my writing friends, who is creatively talented in many different ways, as so many creative people are, was displaying her lovely oil paintings. Then on Saturday night, one of the sets of grandkids spent the night.

Circling back to my writing,

I felt significant resistance toward it this week (aka blockage), which is highly unusual for me. I have had so much training about how to bust through emotional blockages (via Landmark Education), that it took me by surprise. There was an evening where I felt I could never get the manuscript ready for the Golden Heart in time. There is still just so darned much work to do on it, not at the structural level anymore, but at the sentence level.

It went through my mind that, here I am, supposedly retired, and yet I don’t have any free time. I won’t even take time to do my scrapbooking, which I so dearly love, and which I had thought I would allow myself to do, once retired.

I talked myself through my block, am determined to get my contest entry sent off before the deadline.

But after that, I WILL do some scrapbooking, come January. I’ll also paint those rooms that I never got around to, last summer. I’ve ordered a barn red storage cabinet for the laundry room, which I plan to repaint barn red, or something similar.

I’ve purchased (master) bedroom curtains, comforter, pillows in a pattern called Maui, which reminds me of our stay in Maui. It’s a sunset color, which also fits perfectly for that room’s location on the Feng Shui Ba’gua map for my house.

I try to take Feng Shui into consideration as much as possible in my house. I’ll be painting the bedroom a pale yellowish-green, as well as replacing the old carpeting. Then there’s the repainting of the family room and kitchen . . . probably in the color of wheat, a yellow-beige with a distinct greenish cast.

Apart from the awful tragedy in Connecticut, how was your week?


  1. My week revolved around new grandbaby's arrival, a little girl on 12/12/12 and trying to organize pictures from our recent trip to Europe. Writing? What's that? Your remodeling plans seem overwhelming, so kudos to you for getting your contest entry out.

    And of course, days were spent trying to process the horrible reality of what happened in Newtown. I don't think we'll ever fully grasp the enormity of that. Makes you want to hug the grandkids a little tighter.

  2. Oh Cathy - I have missed reading your blog! I hope to rectify that situation in 2013.

    I am giving SERIOUS thought to retiring myself at the end of this academic year. I do not have plans to write professionally :) --- but I do plan to write more, and scrapbook, and take pictures, and..... My fear is that I will not make the time to do those things I love, and instead, just find other things to keep me busy but not fulfilled. Perhaps you could give me some pointers on how to transition and maintain a joyful focus on life.


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