TSS: The Sunday Salon and Fifteen Weird Christmas Books

In lieu of participating in the Sunday Salon today, or mostly in lieu of it, I decided to do something else. So this a kind of bait and switch, because if you want to read about Fifteen Weird Christmas Books and maybe buy a few, click on the link, from Publishers Weekly.

I'm chiming in on the books that made me laugh, that I could have contributed to. Here's the first: The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Book.

Whenever I think of ugly Christmas sweaters, I think of Bridget Jones and her own Mr. Darcy, who wore the most gosh darn awful holiday sweaters, but boy did he turn into a gem in Bridget's eyes. (And everyone else's, for that matter.)

Being a children's librarian for so many years, I needed to be nonthreatening to preschoolers--although my personality is anything but threatening, I think. So I always bought "gaudy" holiday sweaters from Walmart, which became a sort of uniform for me. It started around Halloween and worked all the way through winter.

I put quotes around the word gaudy, because I suspect that many people love sweaters like this. Honestly, I think they're really cute on the right personality. Me, a plain dresser, and someone who hardly ever wears even so small a thing as earrings?--I always felt more than a little conspicuous in them, depending on how outlandish they were, and many were. But kids always warmed to them. Doesn't this one look just like librarian /teacher /Grandma sweater? When I left children's librarianship, I gave a huge pile of them to the Goodwill.

Then there's this book, Scared of Santa, which I have a great picture to share, below:

These are my children. Just look at how the older ones are so amused by their poor baby sister, who is scared to death of Santa.

Anyhew. Are you among the legions who share in wearing ugly sweaters during the holiday season?

Were your kids, or are your grandkids, scared of Santa?

As to the Sunday Salon:
Very briefly, like a shopping list, here's what I did this week: Monday evening, we attended a Christmas band concert in which our oldest granddaughter participated. Tuesday evening, we met with my son and his wife to discuss our upcoming trip to Disneyland. Thursday morning, I met with a friend to discuss blogging. Thursday evening, we were invited to have dinner with some friends. Friday evening, the other set of grandkids came to dinner and spent the night. Sunday morning, we watched our youngest granddaughter perform in a Christmas program. Writing output for the week: 3/4 finished with the book revision. Reading done: Almost finished with Writing Irresistable Kidlit, which I will review.

How was your week?


  1. Pretty funny!

    Have a super Sunday!!!

    M :)

  2. We celebrated grandchild # 3's second birthday this past week while waiting for grandchild # 4's birth (due date today and still waiting!). So we're pretty excited around here. I think your sweater collection was classic--kids like bright colors, who cares what anyone else thinks?! Like your new blog look, btw :-)


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