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Happy Holiday Season ...

There wasn't much time for reading this week. I'm still reading A Hope Springs Christmas by Patricia Davids, as well as Legacy of Love by Christine Johnson. 

I spent the first part of the week running errands, buying groceries, and cleaning the house. My daughter and her boyfriend came in from Seattle on Wednesday. On Thanksgiving, my two daughters, my daughter-in-law and I put together a feast for the entire family--a dozen of us. It was wonderful. The only thing that went wrong was that our camera wasn't working. No pictures. Oh well. 

Afterwards, we spent a couple hours lounging in the living room, in agony from overeating, but very satisfied! My nine-year-old grandson read us the Story of Thanksgiving, which he had painstakingly handwritten at school. It was an assignment to read aloud to the people with whom he'd spent Thanksgiving, and he took it seriously. He stood up in front of us all, and did a great job. 

After that, each of us stated five reasons to be thankful. This grandson's response pretty much summed up everything: "I'm thankful for my perfect life." 

I am so grateful that my five grandchildren are all living happy, secure lives. Maybe they're not rich in monetary things, but they are richly supported with loving family and friends. 

Over dessert, we had a great time sharing stories, laughing, and etc. Then we went to my father-in-law's house to join yet more family. There were about 20 at his house.

On Friday, I attended a baby shower. 

My eleven-year-old granddaughter visited for an hour or so before the baby shower on Friday. She likes to scrapbook, as I do, so we each spent some time putting together a layout. She and her brother have their own albums, which they keep at my house, and add to them whenever they come to visit. He's a typical boy, and not very interested in scrapbooking, but he's good for an hour or so. 

Speaking of scrapbooking and/or card making, there is a website that I'm fond of, called Color Q. Each week, the blog authors offer up new color challenge. They've been doing this now for 164 weeks. This week's challenge is the picture above. So far, I haven't done any of the challenges, however I have downloaded them all, printed them on 4x6 cards, hole punched and collected them with a big binder ring. 
Color schemes are one of my big creative interests. It's fun to look at the possibilities each week, even if I never do anything with them. Although, I hope that at some point in time, I will actually start scrapbooking in a big way again. 

On Saturday, we drove to Spokane to visit our friend Jeff, who had quadruple bypass surgery. 

We also saw the Lincoln movie with Daniel Day Lewis. It was excellent, although I can see why it was a limited release. It's a very "talky" movie, not a lot of action, and the talk is philosophical, weighty. They did what they could to build suspense, and succeeded in several instances. Daniel Day Lewis brought Lincoln to life so well that he could or should win an academy award for it.

As to writing, I didn't do any yet this week, but I hope to find a few hours today to do some.

How was your Thanksgiving week?

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  1. From Wednesday to today BUSY! I have been off school since Wednesday visiting friends, catching
    up at home. We did have a nice Thanksgiving in the middle of all.the activity.

    M :)


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