Take a Bow by Elizabeth Eulberg: YA Romance Review

Told in first person, four character viewpoint, this romance scrolls through the lives of four high school seniors who are attending a prestigious (fictitious) performing arts high school in New York.

By using four viewpoints, Ms. Eulberg was able to highlight four variations on the theme of success. As well, she develops a    
love story between two of the characters that is fraught with teen angst.

The students are preparing to do a Senior Showcase. After that, they'll apply to various performing arts colleges.

Actress Sophie will stop at nothing to further her acting career, even if it means stabbing childhood friend Emme in the back.

Songwriter Emme, who has always been the wind beneath best friend Sophie's wings, is more talented than Sophie, and deserves to go farther, if only she will step out of her comfort zone and perform her own songs on stage. Sophie's actions serve as the catalyst to get selfless Emme moving on her own behalf.

Child star Carter, whose limited talent peaked at ten years old, wants nothing more than to get out of the limelight and study painting, if he can find the courage to pursue it.

Songwriter Ethan is secretly, madly in love with Emme, who hardly knows he exists, and will never know, unless he finds the courage to tell her.

Written in present tense with lots of dialogue, this is a breezy, quick and fun read. I enjoyed it.
It was released by Scholastic Point in April, 2012.
Source: Kindle version, purchased by me.

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