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What is the Sunday Salon? It’s a virtual meeting of people who like to read, and enjoy blogging about what they are reading. It’s also a place to update your friends about other things going on in your life.  

On the reading front

In fiction, I’m reading Laurie Kingery’s The Preacher’s Bride. This one is interesting because the heroine, whose parents ironically named her Faith, has no faith in God at all. After her little brother died, she lost her trust in God. 

She's in love with the town’s young preacher, who is also in love with her, except that he doesn't know she's an unbeliever. 

I’m about halfway finished, and will be interested to see how the issue between them is resolved. She will regain her faith, but what circumstances will enable that?

In nonfiction, I'm reading Gretchen Reuben's Happier at Home: Kiss More, Jump More, Abandon a Project, Read Samuel Johnson, and My Other Experiments in the Practice of Everyday Life. 

As someone who lives in an apartment in New York City, and  from her introductory matter, someone who seems to border on agoraphobia, she would appear to be about as opposite from me as possible. She also has no interest in decorating, and doesn't seem to be creative in any way 

... and so the jury's out as to whether I will find anything useful in this book. I'll keep you informed ...  

I'm also reading Susan Rhodes's Archetypes of the Enneagram: Exploring the life themes of the 27 subtypes from the perspective of soul. Like most Enneagram books, it covers much of the same ground. What makes this one different is that Susan zeros in on the 27 subtypes. I did a series of posts on the subtypes for the A-Z Challenge in 2011. Susan goes just a little deeper (than any of the other sources I've read) into the things in life that will challenge each of the 27 subtypes. It's great background information for writers!

On the writing front: I met with my critique group on Wednesday evening to discuss the first four chapters of a MG dystopian manuscript. Gail has us all hooked and eager to read more! 

I also completed the revision of my YA (inspirational) romance manuscript and gave it to the CG to be critiqued next month. This bald sentence makes it sound like no big deal. It was a huge deal for me. Huge.  

Mike and I watched a granddaughter's soccer match on Saturday morning. In the afternoon, I started unburying my home office. I think the last time I cleaned it must've been three months ago. Needless to say, it was strewn with books, notebooks, loose papers and oodles of sticky notes.

Was that all I did this week? Not even close. But that's probably all that's necessary to report. As the saying goes about personal achievement, "Don't let them see you sweat." People don't care how hard you're working to achieve your goals. They only want to see the results. And to be deceived into thinking that achievement is easy. Like eating all you want and still losing 10 pounds in a week. 

What's on the agenda for this afternoon? Not sure. It's pretty outside, so we might fly somewhere. For sure, we'll be back before dark, and at home in time to watch the two things we watch regularly on Sundays: Dexter and Homeland. Can't wait to see what Carrie does, now that Saul has shown her that her instincts were right about Brody! 

How was your week, reading, writing, and otherwise?


  1. Ah, reading, writing, and otherwise? Out of town the first three days of the week, a house cleaning catch-up day, a babysitting day, and Cincinnati's Books By the Banks book fair. That was the most fun--talked to several authors including Ann Gabhart who wrote The Gifted. Can't wait to start reading that one. Also finished Gilead by Marilynne Robinson. So reading in the plus column. Writing? Rough-drafted a contest essay which I'll share with my critique buddies in our writers' meeting tomorrow. Thanks for the chance to record the events of the week--it all sounds like more got done than I thought! And congratulations on all your accomplishments :-)

  2. Hi Kenda! Ah, you talked to an Amish fiction author. It's amazing that Amish fiction is so popular. I can understand why it is--readers like to escape into a simpler world. I wonder if it's only a trend, or if it's here to stay. Harlequin Love Inspired is looking for authors who can do Amish. I haven't read Gilead. My last Marilynne Robinson book was Housekeeping.

    You sound very busy, but fortunately you're doing things you enjoy. I need to do a housecleaning catch up sometime this week. Have a great week and best wishes for your contest essay.


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