Montana Homecoming by Jillian Hart: Inspirational Romance Review

Back of the book: 

A place to heal

That's all Brooke McKaslin yearns for.

She's returned to Montana on family business, hoping to leave her past behind. And to shield the secret she carries. She's not planning on staying long--until she begins working for reporter Liam Knightly. Liam is handsome, good-hearted--and as leery of relationships as Brooke is. Even as they realize how much they have in common, Brooke fears a threat to their growing love. Will her secret stand in the way of their happiness?

It's pretty hard to review a book, any book, without spoilers, which tends to limit what can be said. Especially in a very short book such as are contemporary Love Inspireds--only about 60,000 words. 

Brooke McKaslin’s come home to Montana to help her sister, Brianna, who’s going to court to testify about a robbery that left her badly injured. While there, she meets Liam Knightly, a reporter who hires her to help with his lovable but totally undisciplined dog, Oscar. 

Oscar, of course, brings these two relationship-shy people together. Brooke has a secret that she fears would destroy any relationship with Liam. Liam had been left at the altar. 

Beyond saying that about the book, I think the most interesting things that can be said about all of Jillian Hart's books has to do with her writing style. While her stories are quite plotless (not entirely, but quite) she is a consummate word-painter. Her stories don't have the depth and breadth of literary novels, nor are they meant to be literary--they're series romance. But she does have a literary, poetic writing style. 

A dozen or so years ago, I used to know Jillian Hart, which is not her real name. We were in a critique group I'd started in Spokane with her and two other ladies. We met over over the good-weather months,  but as winter road conditions loomed, besides the half day it took to meet with them, I decided the costs weren't worth the benefits. What I remember about Jill is that she was sweet and probably the most sensitive person I've ever met. 

Her career was largely just starting out; she'd done a couple books for Zebra as well as Harlequin. Within a year or so, she had been contracted to write another seven or so books. She was a very busy lady and searingly ambitious.

Now all these years later, her ambition has paid off. She is one of Harlequin's superstars, but I wouldn't say the road's been easy for her. I read recently that she gets up at 5:00 AM every day and writes until dinnertime. That sounds like a 12-hour writing day, which would be positively grueling, and she does this day in and day out. This year, Harlequin will be releasing something like nine, possibly more, of her books. 

That means she writes a book about every six weeks? Is that correct? It makes my head spin. 

But hats off to Jillian, who says she simply loves what she does. 



  1. Isn't it so cool when your crit partners go on to find success? Don't know about you, but I always feel extremely invested (and sometimes protective!) of my critters. We all work so hard, and I do nothing but cheer for anyone willing to put in the time and effort to make this writing 'stuff' work.

    Best of luck to Jillian!

    1. What a sweet person you are. Jillian is doing very well with Harlequin. I think she's sold over 60 books by now, and must be making a very good income from it. She also makes many, many people happy with the stories she writes.

  2. Wow--a book every six weeks?! AMAZING. I think I'll be lucky to pull off a book every six years!

    Liam Knightly has to be one of the most romantic-but-masculine character names I've ever heard. I love it! It screams sexy! :)

  3. I don't know about Knightly, but of course, I love Liam. :)


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