Goal Update Monday, and a treat from George Winston

Hubby and I saw the incomparable George Winston in concert this past Tuesday evening. Like any artist at the top of his form, he is a good example of the virtuosity one can achieve after countless hours of practice. He adapts some pieces and writes others. His season suites are so evocative that I can hear, for example, the individual colors of leaves blowing in an autumn breeze. Or raindrops coalescing and then finally dropping.

As for my goal update:

Writing: Once again, I didn't come very close to reaching my 32-hour goal. I wrote for 25 hours. Almost every day during the week, hubby needed me to help move trucks, tractors and combines! It's my new, part-time job, which I have taken over for my 88-year-old father-in-law, and am happy to do so. On Friday, machinery moving took four hours, alas.

But I met my word goal, which is the important one: I have now revised 24,600 words. If I can keep up this pace, I will be finished in a month, which will give me another month to do a line edit. I'm planning to enter this manuscript in the Romance Writers of America's Golden Heart contest, Young Adult category. The GH opens for enrollment on Wednesday; the full manuscript must be submitted early in December.

Blogging: No goal, except to keep it at or below eight hours each week. I spent 8.5--not too bad of an overage.

Jogging: Goal is 16 miles, no more, no less. I met that goal, although I'm going to change the program in my Polar F60 beginning tomorrow. I currently have it set for weight loss, but I now want to work on increasing my cardiovascular fitness instead. I'll be changing it to a more demanding program. I won't be jogging any more than 16 miles, but will be pushing myself harder to reduce my minutes-per-mile.

Reading: I finished Mistaken Bride by Renee Ryan and started Lady Outlaw by Stacie Henrie. This line from Lady Outlaw made me chuckle:
"Through the blue twilight smearing the western sky, Jennie spotted the familiar outline of the corral fence. Home."
This is an action-packed adventure romance, and so I wasn't looking for poetic prose. But this appears to be   the extent of her nod to literary description. Again, I'm not saying this as a criticism, but merely as an observation.

Life in General: Hubbie still hasn't had time to finish painting the outside of the house, and I haven't given a thought to the rooms inside that still need painting. Nor will we be able to fly down to Utah, as we'd hoped before fall planting season. We have run out of time for the time being.

How was your week? I hope you met all of  your goals, writing or otherwise. 


  1. You're doing better than me with word goals. I've been distracted by other things. Fortunately they happen to be writing workshop related.

    I was going to enter the Golden Heart awards this year, but then they changed to rule so that only books that have romance as the main story line can win. And although my stories are strong in romance, it isn't the main story line and never will be. :(

    1. This information (about the GH) doesn't surprise me. Slanting my WIP into an actual romance, rather than a story with a romantic subplot, is exactly what my revision is about. It's proving to be an interesting task, and though it's the exact same story, it should end up reading entirely differently. I can't wait to read the difference.

      Good luck on all of your stories with romantic elements, and thanks for stopping by, Stina.

  2. You're doing so great with your revision, Cathy! I'm very eager to read your story, especially after having read your response to the above comment by Stina. I know you'll do an excellent job on making this a romance. Best of luck!


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