Flying Adventure: St. Maries Idaho

Several weekends ago, hubbie and I flew north to St. Maries, Idaho for an EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) Pancake Breakfast Fly-in. This is the runway, straight ahead of the prop.

It was a very good breakfast, and very well attended, including this 1928 Boeing 40c, which was Boeing's first passenger aircraft. Interesting, that the pilot sat in an open cockpit, whereas his passengers sat where you see the small rectangular windows in the center of the fuselage. The biplane looked to carry about six or so passengers. This particular plane has a very interesting history; read link if you're intrigued. That's our good friends standing in front of it. They flew their R-V 8 to the fly-in.   

There were plenty of other interesting airplanes to look at. Many pilots have restored old airplanes in the same way that car enthusiasts restore antique cars. I particularly liked this green airplane painted with a silver Pegasus. Metallic paint jobs are very popular, however this plane wasn't painted with metallic paint.

We see this yellow and white plane frequently. It's Vans Aircraft's RV-7 prototype, which is the same airplane as hubbie built. I LOVE the paint job, but hubby didn't want our airplane to look exactly like the prototype. He preferred red and white. Considering that he spent probably 3000 hours building the airplane, I wasn't going to object to his color choices. That's our friend Vince taking a picture of the RV-7. He hasn't painted his RV-8 yet ... hmm ... maybe?

Here's me standing in front of our little spitfire and looking terribly chubby. That was about a month ago and since I've been jogging 16-20 miles/week, my waistline is slowly starting to whittle down. Yay.

It was a great morning!

It's Labor Day weekend this coming weekend, and hubbie and I hope to fly to Salt Lake City, where I lived for two years when I was a kid. I loved it there, but have never, in 50 years, been back. I so want to see the old house, and follow all the roads where I used to ride my bicycle. Past the old tomato canning factory ... Think that's still there? I doubt it. But I do know our old house still is. I saw it on Google Earth. Oddly, someone had put a lawn chair on the roof.

Have a great holiday weekend.


  1. Gosh, I'm so envious Cathy. I am sure if I lived where there was beautiful scenery and places interresting to fly to, I might go aloft more often. Just not much to see here in the midwest, except for tornado damage. LOL We had one hit late yesterday afternoon in O'fallon, Missouri which is about 5 miles west of here. No fatalities or injuries, just some property damage.


    Your brother.


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