Ch-ch-ch-changes! Or, I'm Back!

I’m baaaaack! I’ve been retired now for a little over a week. My pace hasn’t had a chance to slow down yet, although it will, hopefully next week.

There’s been babysitting stints with both sets of grandkids, a grandson’s 8th birthday party, a daughter's 32nd birthday party, two dinners out with friends, my retirement party at work,  a shopping trip to Spokane with one of my daughters. Coming next week is a school shopping trip with my daughter-in-law and her kids.

The home renovators are almost done with our house. The windows are in. The siding is up (but not painted).  A new heating and air-conditioning unit has been installed. 

In September, we’ll have the builders build our deck. In the next couple of weeks, I need to paint and/or wallpaper five rooms, which makes me groan to think about. Maybe I will delay it. My son-on-law is due to put up new window trim next week. I'd hoped to paint first. Maybe I'll let him do his thing and just paint around the trim when I'm more in the mood to paint four rooms and re-wallpaper one.

One odd realization I’ve had about retirement is this: 

When I looked at the growing mound of dirty laundry in my closet yesterday, it was no longer clothes I’d worn to work. Instead, it was jogging shorts and tank tops, which get sweaty and need laundering after every wear.

I’ve jogged 29 miles since August 1, but without weight loss. I’ve always quipped that the only way I can lose weight is to dynamite it off. Hyperbole, of course, but getting truer all the time.  

Another unexpected change was the chance to take afternoon coffee breaks with hubby for a couple of days. 

At the library, the managers never take coffee breaks, although Circ staff, who are on their feet all the time, do. Hubby’s job keeps him on his feet a lot. Or it has lately, while getting the trucks and combines ready for harvest. He needed to come inside, sit down, and sip iced mocha.

For a few days, we enjoyed afternoon coffee together. But harvest started today, and so coffee breaks are over again for a few weeks.

I haven’t had time to do any writing, but I hope to in a couple of days. There's been bugaboo loose ends to attend to, such as re-tooling the blog. I've made an effort to brand myself both according to who I am now, and to appeal to the readers of the type of book I'll be writing: historical inspirational romance. 

There are plans for a new posting strategy and schedule. I’ve also learned some amusing things about my posting stats, which I'll share, along with my new schedule, tomorrow! 

For now, I'm off again. Some writing friends asked me to have dinner with them. Afterwards, I need to buy groceries and be home by 8:30 to finish making dinner for my harvesters.  

The tangy scent of sweet and sour spareribs roasting in the oven is drifting upstairs to my writing room ... They're gonna love it. Hubby loves my sparerib recipe.   


  1. You may have to go back to work to REST! :)

    Sounds like lots of fun in your neck of the woods.

    Enjoy your retiremsnt.

    M :)

  2. Beautiful pictures, Cathy! Our whole house needs painting, alas.


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