Tearing Down before Building Up ... and a Blogging Hiatus

If you read my last post, you're aware that we're in the process of changing out all of the windows in our house. That will start on Monday.

Hubbie also dickered with the people who will do the residing, and got the bid down to an acceptable price. He's currently outside removing the old siding himself. The professionals will put up the new siding.

Once I finish this post, I'll go outside and start putting the old siding that's lying on the ground into the bucket of a wheel tractor. When the bucket's full, hubbie will transfer the refuse to a grain truck. When that's full, there'll be a trip to the local landfill.

We're still waiting on a bid for a new heating/air conditioning system. Geothermal costs a fraction of anything else that's available to us, but will the overall extra cost pencil out? The bid will answer the question.

Hubbie's still hoping there will be time to put up a deck before winter sets in. (Yes, there is still all of August, September and October, but that spans two of three of hubbie's busy seasons--harvest and fall planting). The deck would go directly below where he's standing in the picture. I'd like one with some kind of lathe-like roof for shade. When I designed the house 33 years ago, I designed it with Passive Solar in mind. That was the Big Thing in those days; therefore the lion's share of the windows face south.

It's also meant our patio and deck have always gotten more sun than we'd like. We're reaching a time in our lives where we might actually spend a bit of time on a deck, if it were shaded. If conditions were right, I could enjoy sitting outdoors and reading, or possibly eating a meal. I really look forward to having time for gardening again. The area around our patio will look beautiful, once I have some time to put into it!

As for my retirement ... It is now only a little over two weeks away!!!! Summer Reading is on the downswing. It's been a lackluster year for total sign-ups, and I take full responsibility for that. It looks like we'll finish out at about 850 sign-ups. In years where I've been insanely motivated, and knocked myself out to provide many exciting programs, and done far more publicity than I did this year, and had a lot more help overall, I've seen sign-ups go to 1000-1100. This year, I am witnessing with my own eyes that it is truly about how many programs are offered, and how exciting or appealing those programs are to the children. Being that I'm retiring on July 31, I just didn't have the necessary oomph, besides that I'm working a 32 hr/week shift instead of 40 hrs/week.

I do hope the woman who replaces me can keep all programs at least as strong, or build something even stronger, than my own legacy. Children's Programming plays a huge role in bringing patrons into the library. It's a job that carries a huge amount of responsibility with it.

The library is still in the interviewing process. Twenty-two people applied for my job. The hiring committee winnowed it down to seven who got phone interviews. From those, the committee will further winnow it to four lucky ladies who will go through the grueling process (for everyone involved) of an all-day, 12-hour interview for each one. The interview includes at least two meals with various staff, a meet-and-greet session, an extended interview with the hiring committee, and a storytime performance, complete with a live audience of 30 (or so) 2-6 year old children from Moscow Day School.

I STILL remember how exhausted I was after my interview, all those years ago. I'm also glad that the competition wasn't as stiff for me, or I might've missed out on one of the biggest highlights of my life, which was my tenure at LCLD. I was truly blessed with the opportunity of having this wonderful job, and am so grateful to the people I've worked with all these years, for being the wonderful people that they are, and for hiring me in the first place. I'm grateful to God that he deemed me worthy of the job.

As for blogging and writing ... Do I have plans? You bet I do. I can hardly wait to have the chains unlocked (from my other job), and to be able to see what I can do, and where I can go, given total freedom to explore my possibilities.  Woohoo!

But until then ... For the next several weeks, all of my free time will be about getting our house put back together. This weekend, I need to take down all curtains and shades, wash them, and get all areas around all windows cleared away for the window replacement project. I'll return to writing and blogging when I'm able to, but I suspect it will be mid-August before I'll be able to sit at my computer again.

I'll miss you all, but I'll still be reading your blogs. I love to learn about what you're up to.


  1. Oh goodness--you have a lot going on!

    Enjoy your retirement and have fun with the house.

    See you soon.


  2. I can hear the excitement in your post about the next chapter in your life. Your house is getting a makeover and so is your whole life. How exciting to think about all of that time to think, create, explore, ponder...whatever you'd like. Of course you'll be busy around the house too but instead of 32-40 hours spent at work you will have those hours back to you as a great gift. I can't wait to see what you will do with it!

  3. You designed your own house?? You are multi-talented that's for sure! It's interesting to read how you built the children's library program, too. Good luck in redesigning your house and patio, enjoy it when it's done, and then--wow--let the writing fly!


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