I hate for my blog to devolve into a diary of what I've been doing, and especially as it's been "all work and no play" lately. But that's what my life's been.

Except for my official 60th birthday. I've been saying I'm 60 for a few months now. It became official last week.

We squeezed in a birthday dinner between two of my evening Summer Reading programs. Between Brad Byers at East City Park, and the Palouse Discovery Science Center, making Gallileoscopes, in front of the library. The astronomy program was surprisingly well attended, with about 50 persons. Unfortunately, a thin layer of clouds obscured the full moon.

At home, in preparation for retirement, I've been doing a lot of housework. There's still more to be done, and will be way more, once we begin our house updating in earnest.

The middle of July, we're having all but two of our (aluminum framed) windows (not counting our basement windows) replaced with vinyl windows--14 windows in all. That means taking down curtains, wooden shades. It means the Window Guys will be ripping down the wood sills from 4" to about 2.5", replacing them, and then re-tacking the trim. Our patio door will continue to open to about a 12' drop-off.

Hubbie tore the deck down last summer before he and my son-in-law re-roofed the house. There won't be time or money to replace the deck this year. I'm toying with the idea of putting a solar greenhouse or sun room out there anyway. It'll give me another year to research it.

We're also replacing the siding, however hubby was not pleased with the $20,000 bid. He believes they're charging twice what they should for the siding and, of course, labor is expensive. If he removes the old siding himself, he could save enough money to buy, in the fall, a new heating/air conditioning system, of which we are definitely in need. No air conditioning for us this summer, alas. Good thing we both tolerate heat. Good thing the Palouse is generally hot, but not too hot, in the summer. ;).

We also need to replace our garage door. It's so heavy (made of solid, thick wood) that when we need the automatic door opener the most, i.e., in the winter, it doesn't work! Actually, it never works. The door is so heavy, I can hardly open it, even if there isn't a foot of ice and snow surrounding it. Hubby thinks a lighter aluminum door would make the door opener work. That'll also happen this fall, crossing my fingers.   

So that's what's going on with the house. Lots of getting bids and working out details. I want my sliding glass door to have the effect of a French Door, and so there's been a lot discussion about how to get the look I want. There are several options.

As for exercise, I walked/jogged 14 miles last week, plus did 5 hours of housecleaning. (No weight loss.)

As for WRITING--writing? I tied up a couple of loose ends. A friend has been doing a very nice series on her blog called, "Inspired By." Once a month, she spotlights one of her creative friends and their art form. She asked me to do a write-up. By the time I'd answered all of her questions, it turned out to be seven pages' worth. I won't be hurt if she trims it. 

I also reorganized the 101 books (literally 101) on my Kindle, changing the titles of most of the collections. I put information--image, title, author, historical period, series-- into Microsoft OneNote for all of the Harlequin Love Inspired historical novels I own, both print and e-book. 

I'm targeting my next manuscript for that line, and so I need to read a lot of books in the line. One way to keep track, and to take notes on my reading, is to organize them in Microsoft OneNote. Until yesterday, I'd never tried OneNote. I'm very impressed with the ease of use and organizational capabilities. It is so easy to copy images from the web, and simply drop them into OneNote. 

Last but definitely not least, I broke ground on my new manuscript. I actually began what will be the hero's first scene. Over the past few months, I've been doing a lot of prep work on it, and so once I begin writing, the words should fall out like a string of dominoes. Famous last words? We'll see. 


  1. You are busy one.
    Happy 60th to you.

    Lots to be done--take it slow.


  2. Busy, busy lady! I'm glad you had time to squeeze in a birthday celebration.

    I'm so excited to host you on my website in a couple of weeks! I'm really enjoying working with folks for my "Inspired By" series. It's great to learn more about why and how creative people do what they do.

    I haven't heard of OneNote. It sounds interesting. Do you ever use Pinterest? It sounds like OneNote might be less distracting, but if you haven't given Pinterest a try, I'll show you how it works. My husband's aunt is an artist/illustrator, and she uses it all the time for organizing images that inspire her. Is OneNote just for images, or can you "corkboard" other things? Maybe I'll Google it... :)

  3. Sounds like you have accomplished so much! I am in awe of your productivity!


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