Van's Aircraft: This is the Palouse

Van's Aircraft

No, the Van's Aircraft factory (manufacturer of kits for home-built airplanes) is not located on the Palouse. Rather, it's located in nearby Oregon, near Portland. But I couldn't think of anything on the Palouse that begins with "V."

So to stretch the concept a little, we know of at least four men living on the Palouse who have built a Van's aircraft from a kit. There are probably others. Besides flying in a Van's kit-built, experimental aircraft, flying itself is a popular past time on the Palouse. Why might that be?

Living in a rural area, in order to get "somewhere," it means racking up a lot of miles on the open road.
Or flying there instead.

The top picture is of the Van's Aircraft factory, and I have no idea who the guy is standing in front of it. The bottom picture is of me in front of the R-V7 that my husband build. We've pulled our mini-bikes out of the back, and are ready to head into town--in this case, it's the fantabulous upscale frontier-tourist town of  Whitefish, Montana. (Click link for post about our flying adventure there.) It's the little town that has everything: skiing in the winter. Hiking and boating in the summer. One-of-a-kind boutiques and great restaurants.

But is not located on the Palouse. And so we need to hop in our Van's RV-7 to get there.

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  1. Ha, I love the idea of commuting in a small plane. I wish I could do that here in the San Francisco Bay Area.


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